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This year was the third year in a row that our Church has hosted a soup party. It's a tradition that I hope to carry on & host, no matter where we are. It's fabulous. What other time do you get to taste 15+ home cooked, delicious soups?! Fall isn't over & we're coming up to the really chilly part of the year, why not host your own soup party!!  

What's a soup party? 
A soup party is a party filled with soup, obviously! It should also be filled with lots of friends! 

Zachary and I at our last soup party! (Sorry these next two pics are a little blurry, but they're the only ones we got this year! :) I must post them for memories sake, ya know?! )
Zachary & Nik at the soup party! 

What do you do?
Invite your family & friends, ask them to make a soup & bring it in a crock pot! Once you have all your soups lined up and ready, the eating begins! Have everyone try each soup. Once everyone has had their fill & tried each one, hand out peices of paper for everyone to select their favorites! Give the first, second and third place soup makers a prize! 

What do I need?
-desserts & bread (if you want, or ask friends to bring a dessert & bread with their soup)
-Large paper plates
-small cups to be placed on top of the plate &  used as bowls like so;
If you want to get real fancy, why not decorate, too?
These potted flowers  in a pumpkin are easy & beautiful. Why not try a cinnamon pumpkin tea light holder, too? 

Need some delicious soup recipes for your soup party?! Try these!

Also, not to brag or anything ;), but I won last year with a recipe similar to this one. This years top 3 were delicious, mine this year didn't stand a chance!! #1 was a pumpkin curry soup. #2 was a creamy onion soup and #3 was a delicious taco soup! Click for similar recipes!

Also, why you're at it, why not 'Click' and 'Save Image as' these  Soup Party Printables I made for you!


Let me know if you host one! I promise, it's tons of fun!
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Alex Messina @ Ali Rose said...

I love this idea! So fall & festive. Would love to host a party like this.

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