Our New Pets

Readers, I'm so sorry. I have failed to introduce you to our two new pets. I know, you're devastated. Don't worry Reader. I'll introduce you now. Turtles meet Readers. Readers, turtles.  These guys are not really new anymore. We've had them, miraculously, over two months! Who knew tiny baby turtles bought in China would live this long! But they're happily still alive in their little turtle bowl.
We have one girl & one boy (so they say, how can you tell really?!) and they are just too cute! They have their own little personalities. The one hides under a leaf & likes being submerged in the water. We always make sure to have fresh, big leaves in there for him. This is the best shot I could get of him above. It's cloudy & unfocused but you get the gist. He lives under those leaves. The second I lay one down he scurries over to it & pushes himself under. The other likes to be up on top of the dry marbles. She loves to stretch out her legs and arms completely. I've even seen her sleeping with her head stretched out over the rocks, further than I knew it could stretch. Multiple times I've thought she had died, because all her limbs were jutting out at weird angles. But no, it's just the way she likes them while resting, weird turtle.
They're super active! This house will be silent, except our two little turtles and their crashing pebbles. We have yet to seen them eat and aren't really sure if they are eating but they're still alive so I think we're good!

And there you have it. You've been formally introduced. 
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