Favorite Childhood Memories

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In  East Texas there is a town by the name of, Hemphill. Hemphill is a VERY small town with a population a little over 1,000, in East Texas. Sometimes, in my childhood, it seemed that I was  related to all 1, 000 in one way or another. "This is _insert name of the cousin you never knew you had here__, your cousin!" was a common phrase  growing up. It doesn't matter if they're your 1st, second, or 22nd cousin, they're family. It also doesn't matter if you've never seen them before until now, you should remember them!  Hemphill has a Dairy Queen & a Brookshire Brothers grocery, the rest of the town is all mom & pop stores, like the good ole' days. Some of my favorite childhood memories took place in this little town at my Papa Ted's house & just down the street in Pineland.
As kids, we loved going to Papa Ted's! When we went to Papa's house we were wild & free. We could make mud pies, ride goats & horses, play house in all of Papa's extra bedrooms, and ride the four wheeler exploring the huge pine forests. We could pick black berries & mulberries, go fishing in the pond & shoot the BB gun.
When we were feeling extra brave we'd explore the Indian graveyard next door, and try not to sink down into the graves or go out on the porch at night, which was extra scary because of the black panther that's rumored to roam the woods at night.
We'd catch daddy long legs and bright, green lizards to sell for a buck at the pet shop at home, in the city,  and we'd  devour the candy from the candy bowl my Papa always had filled.

We always left Papa's with a huge bag of change filled with his pocket change & a few extra spider bites.
I love and cherish those memories we had growing up at Papa Ted's house & still feel like a kid when we go back there today. As soon as I get on that four wheeler, I feel that wild & free feeling all over again! 

Thanks Papa for always loving us so much & giving us such great memories!
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Marju V said...

Sounds very idyllic!

I used to spend my childhood summers at my mom's home-gowing-up. Next door, uncle's family, next neighbors besides, 3 miles away! True countryside if any, and no electricity/running water. How did I survive? :P

Diana DeGzz said...

There's a town in Mexico (where my dad's mom's family is from) and it is exactly the same, everyone is our cousin/aunt/uncle.

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