The Mosby Fall Bucket List

-Bake these treats & cook these soups!
I've already checked a few off the list and can't wait to share them with you!

-Go apple picking.
We have so many places to pick apples here in Qingdao! We must do this before we leave! Apple orchards are not common in Texas.

-Bake an apple pie.
With all those apples from the orchard we're gonna need to make a few pies, for sure. 

-Carve a pumpkin.
I want to help our close students carve pumpkins again this year, too. They did SUCH a great job carving their first pumpkins last year!

-Cook a turkey.
I really, really want to cook a turkey here. I don't know why really. Probably because it's a novelty here.  It will fill our entire oven and cost us 60 bucks, but dang it I want to cook a turkey!

-Host a Halloween and/or Fall party.
I loved hosting the Harry Potter Murder Mystery party last year. We have all those fun decorations still, it just makes sense we'd have another Halloween party!

-Lots of scarves, leggings, beanies & boots
Nothing to say about that really. If you're a lady, you know what I'm talking about!

-Run a 10k
The weather is so nice in fall! I want to get out there and run!

-Take Fall family photos.
 This will probably consist mostly of Chara rolling around in leaves, because we don't look nearly as cute doing that, but I'd love to have a few good ones of the whole family.

-Make a Fall Beverage
Whether it's apple cider, mulled wine, or a delicious pumpkin spice latte, I want to have fun in the kitchen with a new beverage!

Linking up again for #Blogtober14!!

Also, please check out this amazing Spring Bucket List, I love, love, love it and want to some of this stuff, now!!!
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Marju V said...

You sure are a girl after my own heart! Running, baking, apples, parties, boots and scarves! Fall is the best :)

Daisy @ Simplicity Relished said...

Wow-- love this list :) I'm definitely making pumpkin spice lattes and mulled apple cider!

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