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 Linking up a few days late with day 4 of #Blogtober14 :) (better late than never, yes?) I'm gonna go with the trend, and pick a few of my favorite Instagram pics. Because how can you choose just one of anything, right? Also, please notice Reader that I left little tidbits of my Instagram profile on the sides of these pictures. That's to show you these pics are in fact screen shots from Instagram. Yes, Reader, I purposely cropped in little slivers of profile on my control, shift, +4 'copy a part of your screen shot' shot. I know, I'm profesh.
Oh, husband, you're so cute. I mean, look at him up there, in all his Santa Claus cuteness last year. And oh look, look at that little reindeer next to him. Just precious. ;) 
I love this picture because it's just fun and shows how we have fun together. I also love it because it was taken at school, where Z was Santa Claus and I passed out fun stockings to the kids (along with my boo, Catherine). I like that it's from work, where we have fun, and work together. So thankful for that. Days may be long and tiring, but I love that I get to go there each day with this man. :)
 Also, more husband, because this picture just cracks me up. And it's underwater with our underwater camera, which I think is pretty darn cool.
Also, Chara. Because her face is one of my most favorite faces in the whole entire world. Also, please observe those super cute crooked baby front bottom teeth. Ahhh, Chara. I love this girl-dog!!

And that concludes Day 4 of #Blogtober14. Thank you Taylor and Helene for all your #Blogtober14 hard work.
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Alex Messina @ Ali Rose said...

Oh that Golden! She is so sweet. We've only ever had goldens in our household until last year when we rescued our little guy from a shelter but we still want to add another golden to our house in the next year or so. They're the best breed!

Diana DeGzz said...

I've already stopped by your instagram and liked some pics :)

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