Himalayas Grand Opening Party

A few months ago, Zachary and I attended the Himalayas Hotel Qingdao Soft Opening. It was pretty fancy  and we were super excited. So excited we went and bought new clothes. Lookin' spiffy, eh?
Blurry. So blurry. But check us & our new outfits out through the blur. Actually, we felt a little nervous going to such a fancy event! But in the end, it turned out to be very relaxed, as most Chinese events are we've realized. Everyone there was ridiculously gracious & welcoming towards us!
Sometimes we ask our room mate to take pictures of us which I'm sure is super not awkward for her at all.
The Himalayas is the first life style hotel in Qingdao. Our friend, Sonny, is the general manager there. I don't want to sound biased or anything, but we pretty much think this hotel is the best. Da' absolute best!
See? Super fancy! Lots of Chinese grand opening flower displays and a red carpet!
I was obsessed with the decorations. Hydrangeas! Geesh, the flower to my heart AND in simple, beautiful vases. I swoon.
We got to sign our name on their big Grand Opening poster wall like we were celebs or something. I really need to practice my signature. I always dream that it will look gorgeous or at least a little mysterious, but no.
The food, coffee & drinks were free flow & delicious! We loved this Pre-dinner coffee & appetizer bar.
You know you're at a good party when yogurt is served in test tubes.
Also, chocolate fountains. Look at Z back there sneaking another yogurt.
This camera man kept following Zachary & I as we woofed down delicious appetizer after espresso after yogurt test tubes. So, I took a picture back. He loved it. 
Because I just like the way I look with these test tube yogurt accessory pictures.  How many times can I say 'test tube yogurt' in this post?
After a meals worth of appetizers, Sonny took us down to the Lobby while we waited for dinner. I LOVE the lobby of the Himalayas. I mean check out that awesome faux fire pit!
Once it was time for dinner we headed back upstairs and sat down at the head table with Sonny.
We felt very VIPish next to Sonny, sitting at the head table. The best part about Sonny though is that he is one of the nicest most humble men we know. He's wonderful. He always makes us feel right at home & very loved. All of his employees speak nothing but great things about him. His assistant has told me a few times how he's the best boss she's ever had. He's truly such a great friend, too. We're so thankful to have him as a friend!
Our host was a spokeswoman from Qingdao Radio. She was so sweet & just beautiful. (I told her so in the bathroom later that night. :) Ya, I'm that awkward one that actually talks to celebrities when I see them in the bathroom AND says something so very cliche like 'You're so beautiful!') <(ha, listen to me, like I see celebrities in the bathroom all the time or something!)
As the night rolled on, our dishes were brought out & there were several performances to keep us entertained throughout the evening.
Dinner included salmon, wonton soup, beef tenderloin & creme brulee. Or more fancily put, it included; Smith graviax salmon served with black caviar baby cucumber & honey mustard dressig, chicken consomme with wonton, roasted wagyu beef tenderloin with lentil, organic garlic, baby carrots & red wine sauce, framboise with creme brulee. It was all delicious! 
There was several forms of entertainment from traditional Chinese dance to a foreign jazz band.
The night was fantastic. We dressed up, enjoyed company with friends, ate delicious food & put another 'night to remember' in the books of our time in Qingdao.
Thank you Sonny for inviting us!
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Esther Davison said...

That sounds like so much fun! How did you meet such a cool guy? I loved the photos but sadly my little work computer would only load the first 3 or 4. Oh well, I was envisioning the yogurt in test tubes anyways. My account appears to be broken but you can email me at estherdavison@gmail.com. Esther Norine Designs

Sarah said...

What an awesome party! And those foods look amazing!

Our Life is Beautiful

Ashleigh said...

It looks like you two really enjoyed yourself...

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