My Best & Worst Halloween

Man there were so many. I was pretty blessed with good Halloweens. Can I just fill you in on a little secret?! I trick-or-treated 'till my Senior year of high school. A few of my friends and I trick or treated in the "We're super cool..so cool, we don't care that we're too old to trick-or-treat." It's like we were hipsters before hipsters ever were, you know. We even got smart about it and drove to the rich neighborhoods. Ya, we drove.  We were awesome, I told ya.

Then, my freshman year of University I was really bummed out that we were all just studying, and there was absolutely 0.0 people dressed up. Geesh, how boring is University?! But then, oh then, there was a little costume shin ding, not on Halloween.  So, I pulled together the greatest things I had in my wardrobe & created the best of best costumes with them.

That was probably my worst Halloween. The Halloween I grew up enough that everyone around me was too lame to go trick-a-treatin'. That's the gangster way to say "trick or treating."
See those shimmery boots above. Oh ya. I bought those babies from Hot Topic in 6th grade. They were like $70 but "Mom, oh mom!" I had to have them. My mom agreed so that was cool. So, I got those bad boys and dressed as Disco barbie that Halloween. Shimmery boots & a super sexy silver dress. I think this was the first year that I realized girls were "supposed" to dress 'sexy' for Halloween. (Really girls...why?! Why dress like that?! ) A tradition, I never continued. Except this one year, I wore a terrible "sexy kitty" costume and looked atrocious, in the 'not-sexy but trying to be way'. But that's another story. Anyways back to the picture. 

I think there's a few things to note.
1. Those shimmery boots are knee highs. But I think the over the boot capri pants look amazing, too.
2. Please observe that pink, furry fleese purse sitting on the floor. Amazing.
3. Check out all my "Jesus" posters. While I still love Jesus with everything in me, I ditched the posters.
4. Check out that tilted bulletin board. I was into things being uneven and not straight. Straight pictures were for losers.
5. Check out that hecka awesome Harry Potter poster.
6. Also, my love of world maps. Still love them. But now that I'm an adult & trying to make our living space non-dorm like, I'd love to get a HUGE framed one.
7. Can we also observe that this is a shiny scarf belt tied around my head. Oh man. Remember scarf belts?! I had SO many. And I swore that I'd never stop wearing them, even if fashions changed.
8. It's amazing that I'm throwing the Asain deuce in this picture. This was before I had been to Asia, where the deuce in every picture is acceptable. It's like it was meant to be.
9. Also, why, really why, did I have that wig and those shimmery boots in my dorm at University? That means I had to have packed those & brought them to University.
And, really, can we just pause to appreciate those shimmery boots. I wanted so desperately to make them work in every day life but this night was only the second time I ever got to wear them. So sad.
But my all time favorite Halloween was the Halloween where Zachary and I dressed as Cat and the Hat in Korea. The whole day was awesome. We worked at a school in Korea that was super into Halloween. The whole week led up to it. There was a different theme day every day, and our kids dressed for every theme. On Halloween day, they went trick or treating around the classrooms, and the teachers decorated the school amazingly. We even transformed the whole play gym into a Haunted House. It was awesome! I especially loved our costumes. I just love couple costumes. I'm really digging these below. 

What was your best or worst Halloween?

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RockinMom said...

I LOVE your Cat in the Hat costumes. Even though I am not big on Halloween and getting dressed up, I do like the the couple costumes.

Helene in Between said...

those boots look painful to walk in!! i love couples costumes too, so fun!

Vashti Q-Vega said...

Hello Heather! Happy Friday! I came across your blog on The TGIF Hop! I'm so glad I did. You guys are adorable! I love the Cat in the Hat costumes––so funny! I'm following your blog via Bloglovin'.

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