Tuesday Tidbits

Hey Everyone!!
One week down of work for me and two days down for Zachary!
We are enjoying work so far.
It's going to take us a little time to get back into the swing of things and learn how to balance our busy social life, min*stry, exercise, rest and work!

But we're SOOOOOO very thankful that we have so much to fit into our schedules because its all such encouraging, life giving things and people that keep us busy!

  • We received an AMAZING care package this week from my mom and grandma! We loved everything! Thank you both so much! 

  •  We had a great day at the beach with friends on Saturday.
 Ya, I know. It's so beautiful! And we get to live here! 
Me, Katie, Rose and Laura
 Sasha and his two sons.
These boys, Sammie and Kala, are amazing! They speak English, German and Chinese.

 Lisa and Ethan. :) Sweet picture.
 You can't even see them in the water because the waves were so big! 
Handsome cheese ball. :) 
 Bishop Sasha, Bishop Nick and Bishop Zachary. :) Or are they Israelites? Or Arabs? Desert monks?
I'm not really sure. 
  •  This Monday was Teacher's Day!
  •  Check me out at my new desk and office. 
 Notice the Starbucks? Since Zachary was off last week and I had to work, he kindly brought be a decaf coffee two of the days. Now that he's working I'm pondering paying an old Chinese lady to bring me Starbucks every day. ;) Remember in Korea, our LCI co-workers, how many of the coffee shops delivered? That was sweet. :) The only thing that delivers here is KFC and pizza.
 Mrs. Heather 
  • We love finding Chinglish (Chinese English). It always brightens my day. :) 
  • We ate at this amazing back alley Sushi restaurant. I'm pretty much obsessed with it! 
Just kidding. We didn't eat this kind of sushi! Interesting take on sushi, huh? I didn't get a picture of the sushi we enjoyed, but it didn't include bugs.
  • We also tried a new Thai restaurant in Qingdao called Thai Me Up. It was awesome! 
We had Green Curry, Pad Thai, and Spring rolls. 
  • Jessica and Marrick finally came back from Thailand this weekend!! They were only gone two weeks but it felt like ages!!! 
  • Sweet Violet is growing and eating well! We enjoyed seeing her, her grandma, and parents last week. 
  • Also, we found out our two friends, Nick and McKenzie, are pregnant with their third child!! Ya!! It is such a blessing to be around growing families. :) Makes me want to start having babies soon! :) ( I know! Can you believe I'm saying that??!) But don't worry, I'm still actually saying in 4-5 years! And all these babies make me miss my sister, Sophie!! I had a great time talking to Sophie on skype this past week. I am trying to teach her Chinese. :)

Hope you guys are having a great week! We are missing some of you terribly! Especially those of you we haven't skyped with in awhile!!
We love you all! 


Amanda still in Korea said...

Haha, you mean you don't want pizza delivered every day?! Loved the update, as usual! Tuesday Tidbits are a fun look into your lives.

Carolyn said...

Know you are a wonderful teacher. Love hearing about your week and seeing the pictures. So very thankful for your friends there. What a blessing all of you must be to one another. So how can I tell whether Sophie is speaking English or Chinese? Lol. She jabbers a lot sometimes and then at other times she thinks a lot. So glad she gets to see her big sister on Skype. We need to Skype soon. Love and prayers.

shelly said...

Hey baby girl! Love your tidbits as usual! Love the pics!! Ok so when I saw that sushi I was freaking out for a second haha love the beach pictures. Was the water cool? I love seeing you as a teacher! Reminds me so much of all the years you played school instead of barbies!! I love you so much!! So glad you liked everything we sent!! Glad you are drinking decaf ! How much does violet weigh now? Mirick is still cute! Looks like the guys had a good time!! So glad you both have good friends over there! Love you kisses and hugs

shelly said...

Ps Sophie likes her Chinese lessons : )

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