Care Packages

I think receiving care packages is my love language. :)
 Just kidding, but I do feel so very loved by it!
Since we've been overseas all of our family have been so sweet and sent us something at one time or another. And let me tell you, it is so nice to get a care package! It's like Christmas time! No joke. And we're like little kids at Christmas when they come, too! We get all giddy and excited and try to peek in the box, where the tape's a little loose.
Often times, we don't even make it home before opening it, just to get a glimpse!
And I just love laying our everything we get, looking it over, and admiring each thing. I truly feel the love and thought in each box or card. :) (I'm sorry we've never blogged about the other boxes or taken pictures! It was fun taking pics with all our new stuff!)

My grandma Carolyn and my mom sent us a care package this past week! They had picked up on all my "I need magazines!" hints and had heard me mention a few other things we needed, like men's deodorant and ranch packets.

Christmas in September!
 New work jacket. It's super comfy! 

 I love scarves!! 
 Check out this awesome Texas dongxi! I love the place mats! 
(Stuff. Let's just start using this word people! It's the best word for stuff I know! 
Dong xi (prounounced shee) in Chinese)
 Now that's alot of dong xi! Protein bars, ranch packets, deodorant, popcorn, tostitos, hot tamales, sour patch kids! 
 Clinique bag, eye shadow, blush, mascara and make up remover.
 Smelling our all time favorite candle. Red Velvet Cupcake. 
The Hunger Games.
A new journal.
A new Texas Longhorns shirt. Zachary says it's extra comfy! He's worn it almost everyday around the house since we got it!

Thanks again mom and grandma C.! Love ya'll!


Kels said...

That is so sweet of them! Great stuff. Ronnie misses the ranch dressing haha. Isn't it funny that the little things we took for granted back in the States have now become a luxury abroad. Always nice to hear from family and friends in a letter or package to know you are being thought of :) My first experience with Asia has left me with wanting more…we just might have to pay you a visit sometime!

Carolyn said...

We had so much fun shopping and choosing the contents of your package. Can only imagine how excited I would be if the situation were reversed. Glad y'all are enjoying it. More later. :) Love you both very much. G'ma Carolyn

Catherine said...

OOOOHhhhhhhh... Red Velvet Candle!!!! OH DEAR ;)

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