Birthdays are Awesome

You guys, our friend Justin, is amazing! He made Zachary this awesome video for his birthday! 
Justin and Zachary's birthdays are a day apart, so last year, in Dongying we all celebrated their births together. Justin was so sweet to put some of those memories into a video! 
You can check out Justin and Catherine's blog by pushing the 'Travelin' with JC' button.
They are world travelers from two different continents that fell in love on a third continent and are now documenting their life and travels together via their blog. It's awesome! 
Read it!

We love you Justin and hope you had a great Birthday!! We celebrate your birth, too!!!

Happy Birthday Justin & Zachary!! 

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SEL said...

Aww, that's awesome that his friend made a video! I'm jealous actually, because none of my friends have done that for me. ;)

Thanks for linking up yesterday for the blog hop!

SEL [co-host]

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