Its a mystery!

Did you guys hear about a part of the Yangtze River in China turning red?!

The Yangtze River is one of the most famous rivers in China and September 7 parts of it turned tomato red! As of yesterday (September 10th), officials still did not have an explanation as to why the water had changed colors.

Most people think it's from pollution. I read online that there was a lake in Texas that also turned red a few years ago. Anybody remember/heard of this? 
Pretty crazy! I think the pictures are so beautiful. (though obviously a blue river is ideal) 

Another crazy thing, is the green tides in Qingdao (non-related to polution)! 
We were at the beach a month or so ago and noticed tons of boats near the shore. As we walked closer, we started to notice stretches of green in the ocean. 

All the boats were collecting the algae (blue green sea lettuce), trying to stop it before it hit the shore. Word is, that they use it as fertilizer.
 As we walked down on to the beach, we were really surprised to see the beach
 covered in a neon green. 
It sounds gross, but it looked really beautiful and it didn't bother anybody. 
People just jumped over it and played in the water any way. 
Zachary and I squished our feet around in it. It kind of felt nice. :)
The day we were at the beach there wasn't nearly as much as in this picture.

The Earth is amazing isn't it?
 God is so creative. 


Catherine said...

Wow... that red color is crazy!!
I wonder how it could happen in one day!?

Let us know if you hear anything else about that.

Amanda still in Korea said...

I like the new signature! Cute and fancy all at once.

I don't know about that red river... an algae bloom perhaps? I'd stay out of it, just in case.

Carolyn said...

the pictures you share are amazing!

I found the article back from August 2011 about the Texas lake water turning red. The article helps explain the blood red color.

A Texas lake that turned blood-red this summer may not be a sign of the End Times, but probably is the end of a popular fishing and recreation spot.

A drought has left the OC Fisher Reservoir in San Angelo State Park in West Texas almost entirely dry. The water that is left is stagnant, full of dead fish — and a deep, opaque red.

The color has some apocalypse believers suggesting that OC Fisher is an early sign of the end of the world, but Texas Parks and Wildlife Inland Fisheries officials say the bloody look is the result of Chromatiaceae bacteria, which thrive in oxygen-deprived water.

Amanda C. said...

Wow, maybe it is algae. I have never heard of anything like it. The green really is pretty. I still think I would be scared to go in it. I don't like to get in water if I can't see my feet. Haha

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