Happy Teacher's Day

September 10th is Teacher's Day in China!

Teacher's Day in China is not as big of a deal as in Korea, but still fun!

Mostly, kids just say "Happy Teacher's Day!" and the school gives some gifts to the teachers.

Our school gave us some sheets. Haha.
They also had a hiking day on Saturday to Laoshan. We didn't go though because they only told us about it the day before and we already had plans.

Some of my students gave me a card and cute gift.
From the wording it's clear someone's mother wrote this! So sweet. 
This cutie is Kelly! The stamps are from her, as well as the tree card! They came in the cute gift bags.

Zachary also got a chalk holder.

I know. I know. We took home the loot this year. ;p

In Korea, teacher's day was a big deal! It was mostly the day for the mother's to try and bribe us into giving their kids more attention, so we got lots of presents! Last year I got cakes and coffee, perfume, hair bows, even a department store gift card!! But because of the bribery nature of the gifts, we weren't allowed to accept them! Haha.

Happy Teacher's Day to all you fellow educators out there! :)

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Amanda C. said...

That is so sweet. Nothing like a handmade card to make you feel appreciated. Happy Teacher's Day!

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