Migraines. Yuck.

Does anyone get migraines?
Man. oh. Man. I feel for you, if you do.
Sunday we went to an awesome brunch for a friends birthday where she made scones, cinnamon toast crunch bars, cinnamon rolls, quiche and carrot cake pancakes! All of which, I hope to attempt at recreating because they were delicious!
We were having such a great time meeting new friends and then I got an awful pain in the left side of my head that grew worse and worse as time went on.
Before I knew it, I could barely focus on anyone or anything they were saying and started feeling dizzy and sick to my stomach.
I rushed to get Zachary, telling him we needed to get out of their fast!
We caught a taxi and the whole way home I poured sweat. More sweat than ever, ya'll! And the short drive home felt like hours.

We got upstairs in a hurry and I threw up first thing. Lovely.

All afternoon, I couldn't keep anything down. I felt so weak, dehydrated and my head was just pulsating with pain.
My hands even started tingling and going numb.
Meanwhile, I'm pretty sure, I felt 2 mini panic attacks during all the eventfulness. But they felt like nothing compared to the pain in my head, they just added to the overall feel-like-death mood.
I was moaning on the bathroom floor like a ghost in a haunted house and didn't even care how silly I sounded.

Sweet Zachary was so good to me. He rubbed my head and held my hair back when I would vomit, once again. And brought me water and orange juice. (Earlier today we found out that orange juice is probably the worst thing to drink when your sick to your stomach. Could have fooled me. That's like gatorade, right?)

He even googled a list of my desired search topics; food poisoning, migraines, brain tumor and brain aneurism.
I still haven't ruled out the aneurism. ;) No, but seriously...

And before any of you start telling me I should stop googling my symptoms online (if you don't know, this is sort of...a minor...problem for me), look at how mature I was.
I let Zachary look them up and then tell me my doomed diagnosis, a migraine, instead of doing it myself.

I was supposed to start school today but woke up with that same nagging, piercing pain in my head. I slept in a few more hours and woke up feeling a dull pain, which was an improvement!
Thank you Jesus. Now I'm just resting and drinking lots of water. Hopefully, tomorrow I'll feel back to 100%.

Man. I'm wiped. Yesterday afternoon felt like a week.
This picture does not AT.ALL. begin to portray a migraine. But this is a picture that comes up when you search 'migraines.' (Yes, I did take this picture off google images.) 
I mean... look at her. Her makeup is still on. Her face is in a tiny squint and she's not even sweating. Psshh.

I found this picture, which more accurately describes how I was feeling yesterday. I mean, this is the logo they should have on all migraine medicine boxes and commercials.
This guy knows. He knows how you feel. I would buy his medicine.
Graphic, huh? 

Also, this girl. She's legit.

To leave you with a happier image, this is how I will feel tomorrow morning when I am feeling 100%, and even right now since I'm able to write this post. 
Thank you Lord!

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Carolyn said...

So sorry to hear of your migraine headache. Been there. Done that. Not fun. Praying for you. Love you lots.

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