And the winner is..........

Ladies and Gents...

And the winner of our Summer Giveaway is....

Jacob Hazel

Who's that? you may ask.
That's this guy.
(The one in the middle) 

Jacob is my 17 year old little brother! He's not so little anymore! He's a senior this year and will be 18 November 7th. 
{Yikes! Where does time go?!}
Jake loves music, his truck is filled with speakers and subs, and sports. He loves hunting, working out and boating.
He will most likely be a business owner one day, because he is hecka good at making money. When he was little he would sell single pieces of gum at school for 25 cents and would also convince our neighbors to give him random stuff from their garage sales and then go around door to door selling it to the other neighbors. He's an amazing boy, I mean, man. I am so proud of him! We love you Jacob! 
Congratulations on winning our summer giveaway!

Thank you to everyone who entered! We'll have another one soon!

Love you all!

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