Happy First Day of Fall

So, according to my awesome Target Planner, last Saturday was officially the First Day of Fall.

Happy First Day of Fall Ya'll!  
(a few days late)

I know I've said it before but I love Fall! It's one of my favorite seasons!  (It's a tie with winter. I just love both! I especially love the fading from Fall into Winter time.)   Stepping outside in the crisp, cool Fall air, instantly puts me in a good mood. It's no joke. You can ask Zachary. I immediately start smiling inside and out, like I was meant to exist in this season. Fall gives me a celebratory spirit and this latter half of the year of Fall and Winter,  is probably the time I am most worshipful of the Creator and feel closest to the Lord. I just feel alive and connected.

I've been reading for some time on other blogs all the things people love about Fall. With each blog and each fallen leaf  the suspense has been building inside of me!  I can't wait any longer! I'm ready for Fall to be here, full swing! And I with all this excitement,  I would love to share with you all that love about the beautiful season.

Fall Leaves & Fall colors
Fall Walks.

Feeling like everyday is a celebration. 
Feeling okay to drink hot chocolate, champagne or sit by a fire and relax everyday.
Pumpkin everything. Lattes. Bread. Muffins. Pancakes. Soup. 
Everying and anything pumpkin. (Except pie)
Snuggling & Making memories.
Warm drinks.
Bonfires and the smell of fire.
Boots, Sweaters & Leggings.
And Fall Fashion in general.
Beanies and Hats.
It's the best weather for it.
Having an excuse to make soup everyday.
The way Fall perfectly ushers in the Christmas season.
The many excuses it brings to throw a party.
Apple Picking.
We've never gone before but we get to go this year in Qingdao! 
Open windows & Cool Breezes.
Autumn smells. 

Did I miss anything?
What do you love about Fall?


SimplyHeather said...

These pictures are perfect. There are so many reasons to love Fall <3

xoxo Heather

Anonymous said...

Haha I am totally with you on everything pumpkin except pie. Those photos have me wishing it wasn't still so hot here. I'm so ready for fall!

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