Tuesday Tidbits

Hey all!
How is your week going?

Well, I started school this week! Whoop. :)
Zachary still has another week of vacay, luck dog.
But I am enjoying being back so far.

Are you guys ready for tons of random Tuesday Tidbits? Because they are random this week.

  • Amazing news! Our dear friends CJ and Amber have been praying and waiting for their baby girl to come home from the hospital for a week. Well, she got to come home today!! We went by and saw her this afternoon and man is she adorable! Welcome to the world sweet Violet! We love you!
  • I had a great time hanging out with our friend Effe this week. Effie will go to London for a graduate program in a few weeks. We will miss her!

  • We found bagels this week at the store near our house. Man! Speaking of bagels, man, I miss Einstein Bagels. Man. Should I say man again?

  •  You can't have a bagel without cream cheese! Well, at least we can't. We went months in Dongying before we figured out that this thin rectangular box held TBS of cream cheese! Things look much different in China! And the "tiny cheese" info on the box didn't quite give it away to us. Actually the "tiny cheese" kind of kept me away. I didn't know what that stuff was!
  • The hubs got a new hair cut. Isn't he handsome?!  
  • Check out Zachary's "space" on our kitchen table. He has a whole set up (that he sweetly cleans up each morning). If you know Zachary you probably know he loves having his things organized and sorted a certain way and he loves having "desks." He's very excited about his desk at school and is already talking about buying office supplies! So cute. His morning set up; his coffee, Greek books, Greek notebooks, Bible, extension chord and plug, the computer with his plug in mouse, water bottle, iPad, pencil case and his headphones. He gets a little flustered if I come in and start moving around his stuff so I try not to disturb it to much in the mornings. :p
  •  There's going to be tons of pictures of Chara in this one because she's just too cute this week.
  •  I found this awesome paper at the Stationary Market a few weeks ago. Do you remember this paper from when we were kids? You scratch off the black layer to expose the colorful, fun underneath. "You are in Control" Reminding me that God is in control, so I can release control.
  •  I started working on this sign for baby Violet. It's a work in progress.
  •  New flowers from Z. :)
  •  Funny Chara staring at herself in the mirror- Vain much.:) She loves all the mirrors in our house. She sees herself all the time and yet still has those moments that she rushes over to the mirror very alarmed and bothered by the other dog in the room. 
  •  Taco Bake. Didn't think to take pictures until the very end. We demolished it. I'll post the recipe soon.
  •  Random. I told you it's a random Tuesday. This is Zachary's favorite mug. It used to be mine but I let him have it. :)
  •  I walked by the hall way yesterday and found Chara sleeping on her back (she often does this) against the front door. I quietly went and got the camera, thinking she would have moved by the time I got back, but found her still laying there. I took tons of pictures and then realized she wasn't moving. I called her, "Chara! Chara! Come here." She didn't budge. I thought she was dead and then one eye blinked! I got closer and called her again and she still didn't move. I finally reached down, shook her and pushed her over. Finally, she came around. She was sleeping! On her back with her eyes open! Kind of creepy, right?
  •  Joshua, our house guest, got in a motorcycle accident this past week. He's okay but suffered some minor injuries.
  •  I told you there'd be tons of pictures of her!
  •  She's been soooo snuggly this summer. I love it!
  •  First day of work! Let me just preface this to say that that pooch is not my pooch, just the shadow, shirt tucked in and angle, okay people. :p

Hope you guys have an awesome Tuesday! 
We love you and miss you!! 
Happy September by the way!


Carolyn said...
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Carolyn said...

Know your blog takes lots of time, but we're loving it! You three look great! Josh, not so great. Thankful that his injuries were not serious. Be safe and have a wonderful school year. You look beautiful and ready for a great year with the precious children. Have a Son -filled week!! Love, hugs, and prayers. G'ma

Girls Love Fried Pickles said...

Man I think that baby sure its sweet! Congrats to your friend!

Catherine said...

Nice update! I laughed about the sleeping Chara incident because I would have reacted the same way!! hehehe! i like the pictures. I'm back in Dallas, so I will get out some new blog updates soon.

Take Care,

ps: You look amazing - I love that outfit! :)

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