Friday's Letters

Dear Family, 
Love you all so much! We miss you!
Dear Readers, 
Thank you for reading our blog. We feel the love.
Dear Students, 
Please stop talking while I am talking. It's really starting to peeve me. 
Dear Fall, 
I am so happy you are here.

Dear Paycheck, 
please come quickly.
Dear Husband, 
I love you so much. Your such an amazing man. And I like your face. ;p
Dear Coffee, 
I miss you old friend.
Dear Body, 
Please feel better so we can have fun! Sorry I've always been so critical of you. I will try to speak nice things over you. 
Dear Chara, 
Thanks for licking my face when I most need it. 
Dear The Office, 
Please be the best season ever because I'm kind of mad at you, that it's your last.
Dear Hair, 
sorry I have not got you highlighted in half a year. Just know, I feel as bad as you do about it. But don't worry the Hair Dr. just moved to Qingdao, so we'll be stylin' again soon.
Dear Sleep, 
I really love you but we need to stop spending so much time together. I need to learn to live with less of you.
Dear Father, 
thank you for sharing more of Yourself with me each day. You are in control. I'm so thankful for that. Thank you for being my fount of living waters.
Dear Jesus, 
your just so good. I love reading your words. Thank you for your obedience and love. Thank you for giving me life abundant.
Dear Spirit, 
Fill me up. Lead me. Remind me of the words of my Lord. 
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Happy Friday!


Carolyn said...

Love your letters! Have a great weekend. Love and many prayers for you and Zachary --always.

Carolyn said...

Love your letters! Have a great weekend. Love and many prayers for you and Zachary --always.

Nicholl Vincent said...

love the students one..seriously!

New follower! Happiest Friday!! Drop by nichollvincent.blogspot and say hi!

Momma Mosby said...

I Love the letters it is always pleasing to our Father in Heaven to hear such gratitude. I Love and miss you both so much we are always praying for you both. Love Momma Mosby

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