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Hey friends. I miss you. One more day of summer classes for me! I can't wait for Thursday morning. I'll be sure to sleep at least 9 hours. :) I have another IR post for you today, mostly because my brain is mush and P interest is where I go when that happens.  I would realllly love to know your instant reactions, though! Leave me a link or comment below!

1. via Precious. I love this onsie & really want to buy it for my best friends coming baby!! 
2. via Pumpkin Cheese cake. Yes, please. Right now. I can't wait for fall!
3. via I should really do these exercises.
4. via If only we had a pool hose to make over. 
5. via That's pretty cute. Zachary loves bacon. 
6. via I love the tall vase with the reeds. 
7. via De ja vu. Oh wait, I think I was really tired when I made this collage. 
8. via I should really buy something chevron before it goes out of style. 
9. via This is an oxymoron. Deep dish, tacos, pizza probably 3 of the most fattening words in the English language! I'm not sure how you could make that skinny but hey! if it makes you feel better eating it! ;) 

Z's IR's
1. "Baby clothes. Texas." "Zach, like does it give you any thoughts?" "No, Texas baby clothes." 
2. "Mmmmm. Yep. That's it." 
3. "You're asking my thoughts on the lady lifting weights? Uhh.. maybe uhh.. I have no idea. No clue." 
4. "Heather's dream job." <Reader, please note, making over pool houses is not my dream job. 
5. " I love it! Bacon" 
6. "Relax." "Anything further Zachary?" "Nah." 
7. "It's exactly the same picture, different angle." < Reader, please note, it's the exact same picture, same angle. 
8. Stared for a long time. "My thoughts on this picture?" "Yes, Zachary." "Bright."
9. "Taco pizza. There's nothing skinny about that." 

Okay. Now your turn! Ready, Go!


Rachel said...

I don't care if that taco pizza is packed with calories... I want it now!

Fun post! :)

juliette said...

Yes to the baby outfit!!!
How did you find it???

Sooo, I ordered 2 of those in purple for friends' babies a while ago and I couldn't part with one of them, even though its a girlie color and I don't know if I'm having a girl. But if I DO have a girl, I would have been so sad I got rid of it because I knew that no one else would find that website and buy it for my baby.

Oh ye of little faith. =)
Sooo I have a real tiny one for a girl, but if that one doesn't work out. . . .

Elizabeth Mayberry said...

LOVE that onesie!!

Beka said...

I think that I LOVE your new blog design! Did you do it yourself?

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