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I love Etsy. I love shopping in a place that supports real people & encourages real peoples' gifts and talents. Not to mention, most of what you buy on Etsy are originals, crafted & imagined by people like you and I. I like that. I am excited to shine light on all the fantastic shops of friends, sisters', fellow bloggers, and random stores I love on Etsy, in a new series 'On Etsy.' 

Today, it's about jewelry. 
A Vintage Acorn
I love the simple designs of A Vintage Acorn. I especially love the abundance of bronze colored jewelry. I'm a sucker for bronze. 

Stephie's Beads & Baubles
Stephanie, the creator of these creations, is wonderful. She always seeks to please her customers!
The best part is that she is willing to make custom pieces. Just tell her the jewelry of your dreams and she'll work with you to make your jewelry dreams come to reality! 

Sassy Lemonade
Sassy Lemonade is just a fun shop. Think scissor earrings, apple lockets, rabbits, teapots, flowers,
you name it, and you could probably find it for dangling from your ears or neck in the Sassy Lemonade store. There's a ton of cuteness available. My favorites were these more classic pieces, though.

Starlight Woods jewelry is beautiful, simple and minimal. But the best part is that all their jewelry is made of wood and eco friendly. 

Are there any of these items 
that you're just loving?! 
***Do you have an Etsy shop that you'd like featured on the 'On Etsy' series?! 
Email me at heatherleemosby@gmail.com***
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