Instant Reactions

What are your Instant Reactions 
(IR's-I'm coining this abbreviation. Abbreviation coined. Feel free to use it.) 
to some of the pins on your P interest wall? 

Here are some of mine. 
1. via Dwight and Angela's animal, hybrid offspring and How can I get this framed to hang somewhere on our wall? <instant pick-me-up! 
2. via I wish we had a lawn and then I'd have Zachary mow it like that. Shirtless. 
3. via Yes, please. When's the next excuse to throw a party?
4. via  My birthday morning dream. Yummo. Boo. Gluten!
5. via I never quite understood nail art. 
6. via  What is the obsession with wasi tape? How do you even spell wasi tape? 
7. via California!!!!!!!! California!!!!!!!! Here we come!!!!
8.via Tara's sparkle from the Bachelor. Don't loose your sparkle. 

Collage up your Pinterest wall 
and share your IR's! 
I'd love to see them! 
Leave me the link!
Next up, I'm gonna IR all those hot ladies on my side bar's blog posts. 
I mean their blog posts not my side bar's blog posts. 

Happy Tuesday! 

Oh! P.S. Zachary's Responses
& our barista friend's 
1. Angela's dream cat.
2. Allergies.
4. Too much sugar!
5. Not applicable.
6. "What is that?" Me: "Wasi tape." "I don't know what to say."
7. I always wanted a car like that.
8. Tinker bell.

And Daniel, our Chinese barista friend's, IR's.
1. funny
2. Tired
3. Drunk. Or maybe, Romantic.
4. Delicious and fat.
5. ugly. Crazy.
6. Amazing. Me:"Why amazing?" Him: "Because, I don't know what it is. So, I say amazing."
7. Beach. Swimming.
8. "What's mean?" as in, "What does that mean?" in Chinglish. :) 


Tabitha Keese said...

I love your blog! It's always got a cute and funny story! Just thought I'd FINALLY write a note to share that info with you :)

Natalie Hinkley said...

OMG, I love that Dwight cat!!!

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