A Night Out

A few weekends ago 
our roomies, 
Justin and Catherine, 
& Z and I, 
decided to go out for the night. 
Not just "go out to dinner," because it seems like we do that a few times a week already,
but have a real, 
"night out." 
Z's fabulous photography skills from the front seat of the taxi.

Our night started at Diner 22 where I made everyone fabulous pieces of
ketchup art work.
Impressive. I know.
And what would our night out be without Margaritas?
We are Texan. 
Panna Cotta.
I had never tried this goodness before moving to Qingdao 
and it has forever changed my world.
Okay. That's extreme. 
But it's legit good and all the Italian's owning the Italian restaurants here 
know how to make it real legit.
This is a Chinese game that people always play at Pubs.
It's quite possibly the strangest game ever. 
It's strange as in it has no real point.
Basically, you shake the dice, turn it over,
and tell your friend to make a guess as to what the dice numbers' are. 
Like you say, 
"I think there are 2 6's, 1 3's and 1 5. "(There's supposed to be 6 die.)
Then you turn it over...
Are you right? No!
Okay. Next persons turn. 
That's about it. 
Our venue for the evening. 
While smoking hookah we played Heads Up!
Do you have this game?! 
It's amazing.
I'm going to do a whole post on it sooN!

And that was our "night out." 
We were home by 11pm! 
We had a great time & always love hanging out with J&C!

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