Summer Dresses on a Budget

Summer clothes are almost a must in Texas and Qingdao.
It's heck-a hot outside
& all those "normal" clothes in my closet just won't cut it. 
Summer requires a whole new wardrobe in my mind. 
In my opinion summer clothes should not stick to you when you put them on,
cause more sweating than you already got going on,
force you to try on every piece of clothing in your closet in search of something cool,
or cause you to almost loose it every morning upon dressing. 

Summer clothes make it more exciting summer is here. Right?!

But who has the money to just go out and buy all new clothes for summer?!
Not me. 
The good news is, 
one of my favorite stores,
Urban Outfitters, 
is having a 'Super Slammin' Summer Sale' now,
so I don't need loads of money, 
just a couple, okay, maybe 5, $20 bills. 
Most of these lovely ladies, 
the dresses,
not the actual ladies, 
are only $19.99!

I'm pretty much obsessed with #12 and #14. Looove. 

There are TONS more dresses to choose from,
as well as,
tons more goodies
in 'Urban Outfitters Super Slammin Summer Sale'!

Click the link below to get your "Ya Summer! No sweating! Comfy Clothes! Cute Dresses!" 
shopping on. 

***All images taken from UrbanOutfitters.com under 'Sale"***

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