My Mother is On Facebook

Whose mother isn't on face book these days? You know what, my 70+ great aunts are on face book, too. It's amazing really. Facebook, breaking down generation gaps. Speaking of face book, have you seen the Social Network? Just wondering reader. Just making convo.

So, ya, my mom is on facebook. I love this. I love that my grandparents, siblings, aunts, uncles, great aunts, cousins, friends, everyone-is on facebook. It makes living overseas so much easier. When ever I'm feeling a little homesick, all I need to do is click on one of their pages, wall stalk them to see what's going on in their life, look at, like & comment on all their recent pictures, and then I feel a little less home sick, and more apart of their lives.

I have big reasons to picture stalk my mom. This little cutie is one of them.
That's what this post is all about, really, my little sister. This little miracle baby.

Once upon a time, oh, 29 months ago, my mom face book chatted me telling me she thought she was pregnant. I rolled my eyes, and told her she was silly, of course she wasn't pregnant. I mean, she was 44! Oh oh oh, little did I know I'd be proven wrong, in a good way! And I'm so very thankful I was wrong because the next nine months included tons of ultra sounds, prayer, celebrating each baby growth milestones, baby showers, gifts pouring down from heaven for future baby sister, and then at the end of those nine months, perfectly during the time we visited home, this baby doll of beauty came into the world.

Now my strong momma has 4 grown children and a baby! Pictured: Harley, 19, Me, 25, Mom, 44, Sophie, 1 day, my step dad, Jeff, 45, Jacob, 18, Justin 22

God is a God of big, crazy, beautiful, miraculous things; like adding another sibling to our big family & surprising a 44 year old, who thought she was done having kids, with one more! I can't wait for when we all have kids of our own one day and can share stories with them, and Sophie, of our lives growing up, and how much better things are with her here with us!

Now, Sophie is 1 1/2 and a bundle of joy, smiles, curly blonde hair and blue eyes! She's perfect. 
Stolen from my mom's facebook. :) 
Check out those big blues! 
Stolen from my grandma's. 

Thank you Jesus. Thank you face book for allowing me to see my sweet little sister grow via the inter webs. I wish it was in person but while we're across the ocean, I feel beyond blessed to be able to click a button and see this sweet face each day. 

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Catherine said...

This post only adds more broodiness to my current broody state!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xoxoxox

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