I'm On a Boat

I am so very excited to write this post because the writing of this post means that we have begun. We have begun the journey of working on my one summer goal for the summer! [Zachary has lots of other good summer goals. You know, like, drop body fat, get a six pack, cardio everyday, blah, blah. ;)}

Learn How To Sail

Please, don't ask me how this crazy, random goal popped into my head, but it did.
And I'm so happy it did.
I'm also incredibly thankful we happen to live in a coastal city, that just so happens to be the city that hosted the Sailing Portion of the 2008 Summer Olympics.
So, you know, there's sailing going on here. 

Yinhai International Marina
Which is perfect for us! Yesterday was our first lesson. I feel hooked already. I woke up this morning thinking about ropes & sails & random sailing terminology we learned yesterday. 

Here's a few glimpses of our 3 hour lesson.
The main Sail.

Gloves & Life Jackets
It was a hazy, windless day. A windless day is not ideal for sailing, obviously. But it gave us a change to learn the ropes, literally, and the basics of the sails. 
Zachary with Rick, our American Sailing instructor. We got lucky with this one! He's an amazing guy and incredibly patient teacher.  Rick does sails by day and does stocks by night. When he was 24, he built his own sail boat, lived on it for 8 years with his wife and daughter, and sailed to Hawaii.

We had such a fabulous time and can't wait to get back out there again tomorrow, for our second lesson!! 
Happy Thursday Friends!
We love you.
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