Golfing like it's Our Day Job

Last month we were pumped to be invited to Cool Core's golf resort. This included a golf course, golfing range, yoga rooms, screen golf, free beverages and free snacks. We were invited for a press conference and a Cool Core sponsored, China Ji Do (like karate) event. We had a great time! 

We were excited to be a part of the festivities, mostly because it meant lots of free fun for us with friends. Can't beat that. And pretending to be a celebrity at a press event is kind of my dream job. ;) So, it was basically a winning all around kind of day. 
So, what's this Cool Core? Great question!  Cool Core makes clothes & sports gear made from the best material that wicks, cools, is non-chemical and hypoallergenic.

Golf eye view.

Our good friend, Michael, is a consultant for Cool Core, so he hooked us up with the days festivities. 
This is Michael, making his best Jim Carey face. Poor guy. He had no idea it'd be on the blog. 
Zachary was very excited to get on the driving range and hit some balls. Zachary played golf through highschool and loves to fresh up whenever he gets the chance. He's been blessed here to be invited to several golfing ranges with friends. 
I was excited mostly just to play. :) Like play around, not play golf. 
Perfect form. Just perfect. I know. ;)
Zachary getting his swings on.
Inside the Cool Core gift shop, we found tons things to buy! Like these "towel in a can". Great for sports. 
Tracy McGrady just recently signed with Cool Core to rep their fast drying, performance towels. 
Tons of colors to choose from. 
I loved these sport tops! They looked perfect for running. 
What's an Asian golf shop without some stuffed animal golf club covers? 
After our tour of the gift shops and facilities it was back to the driving range. 
Zachary, being the hulky, buff man he is went to hit a golf ball and lost the head of his golf club, too. It flew across the driving range to 100+ meters. 
A reenactment. 
The judges table pre-conference. 
Who's pretending. We're legit. ;)
 He looks like a giant.
What a Chinese Ji Do press conference looks like. 
This is my best celebrity look. One of us, our friend Denny, was placed in the crowd and given preset questions to ask during the press question and answer time. I was sitting next to him, so I made sure to look super legit and serious. Celebrity=sunglasses inside and pursed lips. Nailed it! I tried to explain my tactics to Zachary but he was unimpressed. 

It was another interesting day in China. Thankful for such fun experiences. 
Happy Tuesday! 

Chalayn where's your Bachelorette recap? I'm anxious to read it! New way to watch TV without wasting your time actually watching it. Let someone else waste their time and watch it and then recap it,  extremely hilariously for your enjoyment. Love it. I wish she'd do this for every TV show. 
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Catherine said...

haha, I liked the comment after Michael's picture. "Poor guy. He had no idea it'd be on the blog." That make me laugh!!! Ha!

Did you get some of those running tops?

chalayn said...

Haha! Yes, I will gladly waste my time and recap it all for you. :)

I am hoping to have the recap posted by tonight! Last night was the Men Tell All and so there is plenty for me to tell.

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