Tuesday Tidbits

If we're getting technical it's Wednesday here. But not yet Midnight State side, sooo, I'm going with it. Tuesday Tidbits, that is. Ahhhhh {that's a sigh, not a scream}, hello reader. I've been MIA lately. Partly because I thought I should let the awesome-ness of the fact that we are learning to sail, sink in on the blog and mostly, okay 100%, because I'm exhausted.
Speaking of how awesome it is that we are learning to sail, I guess it's not that awesome. You know how you feel, when you're doing this thing that you think is pretttttty epic, but then no one else thinks so? Ya. That's how I feel.  I'm like, "People! We're learning to sail a freaking boat. Like Andy Bernard." When I say it like that, actually, it doesn't sound awesome at all. Whatevsss.
We're gonna keep getting our knot on, anyway. ;) And I'll probably keep blogging about it.

Anyways. On to Tuesday Tidbits from the last few weeks.
Sailing and then snacks & wine at Cafe Roland. Cafe Roland is quaint, with a western feel, and right on the beach in Qingdao! It's been on my list of places to go and we chose the perfect evening. We enjoyed a bottle of white, french fries, and vanilla bean ice cream. We were clearly going for a healthy meal. Check out that Santa Claus white chocolate curl. It doesn't matter what time of year it is in China, Christmas is always a go. Christmas songs, Santa Claus heads, snow flakes on windows, Merry Christmas banners, it's all good. It sounds nice, right, but actually it has this weird, kitchy feel, like a run down carnival or something. 
We took two of my students, Diana and Lidna, to a "Western" dinner the other night. They enjoyed their Western food. They're both going into 10th grade and moving to Canada in August. All you Canadians out there, if you see these two, give 'em some love! :) 
Got this shirt for a whopping 30 yuan. Which is, ehhh, $5. I love it when H&M has sales! I did have a few selfies of the whole shirt in the taxi, but kept getting boob shots. So I spared you, and instead you get a little peak of this steal! 
 Yesterday we went to lunch with these sweet friends. 1. Amber & Violet. 2. Abigail and I. 3. Abigail's brother & Zachary. 4. Zachary and I.  Abigail's brother came to Qingdao, from South West China, for his first time, to visit Abigail. We heard that he had never tried Western food, so we were sure to fix that during his stay!
Blurry IPhone pic*
Abigail couldn't quite figure out how to eat her salad with a fork. {eating salad with chopsticks is actually way more efficient!} Since we were at a restaurant that doesn't have chopsticks, she improvised and used to butter knives! 
Finishing up his very first steak!
Trust me that this will not be the last time you see this photo because the fact that we are $300 away from being credit card debt free!!!! deserves a post all to itself. I just couldn't resist sharing this snapshot from the last week or so, with proof that we are almost there! $7900 down, $300 to go! 
So as not to overload you with pictures this Tuesday evening, okay it's Wednesday now, I'll end with the above picture of a fantabulous 10 course Thai Buffet we last Saturday evening.

Hope you are sleeping well sweet readers, friends and family. 
We love you! 
Peaceeeeeeeee out.


Justin Esser said...

That Thai dinner looked GREAT!!!

Amanda @ Living in Another Language said...

Ok that's it. I'm officially thinking about moving to china due to the food options there! You always post the yummiest things. I'm sure you can remember the lack of selection in South Korea. :( I suppose I should inform my husband we're moving soon. :)

-Amanda | Living in Another Language

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