A Chinese Birthday

Last weekend was Children's Day in China, as well as, David, our pseudo-Chinese father's (second on the left), birthday!
So, being Chinese, 
he invited us out and paid for dinner, 
on his own birthday. 
We went out to eat to one of his favorite Cantonese restaurants. 
In Chinese style, 
he ordered dish upon dish of food. 
This was my favorite. Yummmmmo. Garlic shrimp & rice noodles.
He told us, "You know nothing about Chinese food culture until you've had Cantonese." 
So, I guess we're experts now, because we gobbled all that Hong Kong goodness down.
After dinner we took the boys to get ice cream, since it was also Children's day. 
So charming.
We had gelato at Cafe Bene, where they also have a giant stuffed.... whatever animal that is.
It's the coffee shop mascot. 
The boys, of course had to get pictures with it.
And carry it around the coffee shop, like so.
After ice cream we stopped by a Chinese tea shop, David, the birthday man's, favorite.
A wall and bricks made out of dried tea!
Zachary, loving his picture being taken.
Chinese tea is made like so. 
Zachary and David

We had a great night with this family that has become such a big part of our lives here in China! 
We feel so loved and taken care of by them.
That's such a blessing when you live so far away from your real family. 

So, are you up on Chinese food culture,
have you tried Cantonese food?
If not, we highly suggest it! It is full of flavor!

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lost in travels said...

that food looks delicious! i love going out with people that know the food well and just have them order. they always come out with things that i wold have never thought to order but it's delicious!

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