Too Much Good Stuff for One Post!

Why read just one post, when you could read 11 more!?

I'm so blessed to have 11 beautiful ladies
supporting my blog on my sidebar this month! 
They have some seriously awesome blogs and posts! 
Here are some of my favorites from their blogs last week!

My Life in Verbs 
An awesome recipe from Ariel for Strawberry & Chia jam! 
With strawberries in season this sounds like the perfect recipe!
My mouth is watering just from looking at that bagel PB & J! 
If only bagels were gluten-free.... :) 
Living in Another Language
Can we just pause a moment and admire how freaking cute Amanda looks in the picture below?
Just precious.
AND check out that text. 
She doesn't use shampoo! 
I'm seriously interested in trying this! 
She claims her hair feels amazing!

Lost in Travels
Chelsea knows a think or two about travel.
When I say a thing or two I mean, a gazillion things or two
& she loves to share her insider tips with us less knowledgable. 
I am loving this traveling on a budget post!
Especially after feeling like a vacation this summer is impossible! 
But just maybe, if we use her tips, we might be able to make it work! 

Anchors Awiegh
This summer salad by Chelsea has be drooling. 
It sounds so fresh! Perfect for the summer heat!
Gorgonzola, mandarin oranges, cranberries! 

The Seaman Mom
I love this idea for a blog hop. 
Who doesn't need more smiles in their life!!! 
Join in every Monday!

The Daily Frenchie
Man. Remember the 90's? 
The T.V. shows & movies were awesome. 
And the fashion. Man it was hot. ;) 
I love Malorie's post, reminding me of all the awesome music and shows of the 90's! 

Rays of Purple
Tyler posted a 
Root Beer Float Cupcake recipe.
I'll just let those words and this picture do the talking! 

Our Life Unrehearsed
I love seeing all these beautiful family moments! 
How cute is this picture?! 

Traveling with JC
Catherine blogs about their trip to Boracay! 
Man it makes me anxious to lay out!

Stephie's Beads and Baubles
I love checking out Stephanie's new creations! 
^^know what movie that's from???

Peace it all Together
Sybil's hosting a giveaway with all these awesome ladies on her blog this week! 
Be sure to enter! There's lots of good stuff up for grabs! I never get sick of giveaways!

What were some of your favorite posts on your blog this week?! 
Leave me the link! I'd love to read them!


lost in travels said...

awe thanks for the shout out friend!

Ariel Eishen said...

You're da bomb!! (Do people still say that?)

Areeba said...

I am glad that such lovelies are by your side ;) Lucky?

Amanda Grove said...

What?! I didn't even know you put this up. You are so sweet! Thank you dear! And...yes no shampoo is the bomb!

-Amanda | Living in Another Language

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