Class Parties

The past few weeks my classes have been celebrating a job well done with class parties. 
Each class has a gum ball machine picture on the chalk board, with 70 white gum balls on it. 
 If all the students are good, at the end of class every day I color in 3 gum balls.
The students LOVE this system!
After class, 2-3 students come running to the front of the classroom each day, marker in hand, eager for me to color in their 3 gum balls for the day. 
It's great because
if they start getting out of hand or too noisy all I have to do is reach towards their gum ball machine,
acting like I'm going to erase a gum ball, 
and they quickly get quiet. 
For the party, each student brings snacks for their table and we put on a fun movie on the projector. 
Some classes go crazy and bring bags full of food. 
**these are all IPhone pics, sorry not the best!**
Last week was Dragon Boat Festival. 
So one girl brought zong zi,
a triangle rice cake, wrapped in banana leaves, and filled with meat, fruit or jelly.
It is tradition to eat and give zong zi during the Dragon Boat Festival.
The story behind zong zi is very interesting. 
Maybe I'll tell you about it next year. :) #lazymuch
Check out the variety. 
Not only do the kids bring tons of candy and the "normal" stuff Western kids would bring but they also bring things that are very common to Asia.
Like packaged chicken feet (the third picture), squid and sea weed.
Check out the boy who somehow suckered his mom into going to KFC for his snacks in the second picture! 
I love the fourth picture. 
Sea weed and a ping pong paddle. So cliche. :) 
 Poor guy.
Jason forgot to bring his snacks, so other students 
lovingly gave him some and pieces of chips. 
Kids every where love fun suckers!
Very grinchy. 
He's eating an unfrozen coca cola popsicle type thing. 
The liquid is inside a pouch, you freeze it, and bite it out. 
They're quite tasty. 

Hope you're having a great and Sunny Tuesday! 
It's rainy and muggy here!

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