Ra-ri-cious Raclette

That Raricious is supposed to be Scooby Doo's delicious. 
Can you hear it?
A gazillion nights ago now,
our dear German friend, Sascha, 
had us over for some good ole' Swiss Food.
Sascha and one of his sons, Kala. 
Little did I know when he invited us over, that our Texan mouths would be in heaven. 
Sascha fed us to our mouths delight and stomachs full
of delicious melted cheese, meat and veggies. 
This wonder below is a Raclette
and happens to be the next thing on our wish list. 
We will definately be getting one of these,
as it's delicious, versatile,
and the ultimate party tool.
So how does this deliciousness of a meal work?
First, you fill the "spoon" closest to your place at the table with the meats and veggies you like.
Next, you top it with heaps of cheese! 
Then, you stick the spoon into it's slot in the raclette, and let all that goodness melt and cook.
While you are waiting for your cheese to melt, 
the top of the reclette is a great place to grill veggies and skewers of meat. 
Once everything is done cooking you serve it on top of hot potatoes!
Talk about delicious!

Our favorite part about this dinner, besides the mounds of cheese,
was that it takes time.
It's the perfect meal for guests over,
or even after a long day. 
It's great for winding down. 
You can easily enjoy a few glasses of wine and tons of conversations,
all the while making cheesy-goodness. 

We were so cozy after dinner we didn't want to leave the table. 
What else to do at an awesome dinner party, than play cards?! 
We had a great night! Thanks Sascha for introducing us to this awesome meal.
Can you imagine the possibilities with this Raclette?
I'm thinking even having a dessert party with it!
You could put nuts, cocount, candies, fruit, etc. in bowels and have people top it with chocolate! 
To keep with the dessert theme, while the chocolate is down below cooking, 
you could be grilling sliced apples, pears and pineapple. 
Heck, even banananas!

And in case you think the Raclette only encourages unhealthy eating,
Sascha told us it can also cook eggs. 
You could make small omelettes, 
or even do a breakfast taco theme,
and warm the tortillas on top!

Want to buy one of these bad boys?!
Me too!
Here's a few links. 
For $59, this one has a huge grill top!
If you're in China,
check here on Tao Bao! 
It's only 280 yuan!

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chalayn said...

Whoa. I have never seen one of those before but it looks like it has some great possibilities! :)

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