Destroying Maseratis

This may be old news to you, as it happened over a month ago now, 
but I'll share anyways. :)

In May, a very wealthy Qingdaoren {Qingdao person}, Wang, chose to 
express his dissatisfaction & anger with Maserati 
by having his $423, 000 Maserati Quattroporte destroyed in front of
a Qingdao Auto Show, 
a mere 3 km from our house. 
He's been quoted everywhere as saying, " 'I hope foreign luxury car producers acknowledge clearly that Chinese consumers are entitled to get the service that is commensurate with the brand," Wang told the Qingdao Morning Post, according to Agence France-Presse. "
The victim. 
This is not the actual car but same make and I thought you needed a visual. 
To add to your visual,
it looked terrible after.
I know this, 
because we saw it. 

That's right. We saw it.
To add to the scene, they had the car fenced off, 
on display, along with some other random person's destroyed Lamborghini.
So, we can check it out anytime.

I guess Lamborghini-guy should have come up with the idea first, 
as he didn't get any press for it.
That would be the worst, right? 
All that attention you thought you'd get for smashing up your gajillion dollar Lamborghini,
only to get upstaged by Maserati guy. 
I bet he wishes he would have just kept it or sold it or done anything with it but destroy it. 

Keep in mind, as you watch this video, that these guys were PAID by Wang to destroy his car.

Honestly, I think 
I could have done better than that.
There are  places in the States, 
where people pay to do this to cars, right?
Because it would just be fun and a stress reducer, like punching a punching bag.

But these guys seem zero-enthused to be doing what they are doing. 
Did you see the guy in the blue? 
Where's the aggression?
The fury?
Or even the excitement?
You're smashing in a half million dollar car 
and getting PAID for it!
Give it some uumph.

Also, what are they using? 
Rubber mallets? 
I've seen numerous reports say they were using sledge hammers. 
That's all a sledge hammer can do?

All I really know is this guy, Wang, he was mad. 
And that he has way too much money. 

As I'm sure my blog is on Wang's reading list,
I'd like to address him specifically now.

Dear Wang,
I know you are very angry at Masarati.
My deepest sympathes to you're plight. I'm terribly sorry for the inconvenience and stress the dealership has brought you, however, I'd like to humbly suggest

100 Things You Could Do with your Maserati Instead of Destroying It 

1.The most obvious would be to drive it.
But if you're not into that,

I do know the BEST ways to really "stick it" to Maserati,

2. Pay off my student loans.
3. Pay for me and the hubs to go on an around the world vacation 10 times. 
4. Help us adopt a child. Or anyone really.
5. Save/help/feed/educate entire villages, thus reducing the need for adoption in the first place.
6. Pay off my entire families debt. 
7. Sponsor 1000 children a month for 1 year. 
8. Pay for our whole family, extended family and close friends to visit us in China.
9. Buy us a house. :) Nothing fancy.
10. Buy 141, 000 drinks from Starbucks for me. Basically buy me a life time supply. 
{But really, save the world first, then buy me a life time supply of SB.}

I'll be sure to send you my next 10 ideas next week.
Also, Mr. Wang, 
I'd like to submit my name for consideration for the next time you decide to destroy an expensive car and pay someone to do it. 
I've been working out...sooo. I'm legit. 
I won't disappoint you. 
Also, my husband does pull ups & push ups in the morning.
Sooo him, too.

Thank you for your time.


chalayn said...

This is SO weird! I've never heard of this event but I highly doubt Maserati even cares if someone who ALREADY PAID THEM OVER $400,000 destroys the car. Who cares?! They already got the money! Sorry, Wang, but this is pretty lame revenge.

Also, I'd like to add to your list that he could pay off my student loan, buy my husband and I a cheap house to fix up, and pay for us to travel to China to meet the Mosby's. ;)

Totally Addicted said...

Erm.. I can't see a number 2...

Lily Anne said...

I am so surprised that was all the damage they could do with sledge hammers! I too have a few things to add to the list. Use the money to:
1) Buy me a car. Nothing fancy, I'm not greedy. It could even be used as long as I can safely drive it.
2) I have always wanted to go to Europe. How about a trip???
3) Pay off my Medical Bills. I have
plenty of those.
4) I am sure you will have more than enough to help the many families that are without.
I am sure I can think of more. These are just a few of the ideas off the top of my head.
Have a lovely day!

LOL Thanks for sharing. It really is amazing the things people do.

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