Wholly Yours

I was spending time with Jesus today 
Asking so many questions.

What are we doing here?
What does our future look like?
When should we have kids?
Should Zachary start seminary this year?
 How many hours should he take? 
Should we have a vacation?
When should we start the adoption process? 
Now? Next year? Later? 
And then, this song came on, my favorite Pandora Station, the Shawn McDonald station.
And all my questions, 
were answered. 
In Jesus.
In His name. 
And there was peace. 
I was drawn to praise Him!
Nothing else matters but Him.
He is everything.
He is our life. 
He is our God. 
And He is so holy. 
And I trust Him with all of these questions. 
And I find myself, once again, 
surrendering everything.
Every question.
Every fear. 
Giving all.
Laying all down.
Saying, "I am wholly yours, God."
Our life.
Our family.
Our future. 
Our resources.
 Our gifts. 
They're Yours'.
Wholly Yours.

How easy it is to forget this. How easy it is to fear for me. 
How easy it is for me to start scrambling and trying to make my own plans, 
and then He so graciously gives me days like this,
that draw me home. 
That lead me back to the foot of the cross.
Where everything aligns.
Where everything falls into place. 
Where I am whole.
Where peace invades all those questions 
and consumes my being. 

Now, hours later, I'm left thankful and hungry for more of Him.


chalayn said...

You're such a sweet woman. :) I'm excited for all the answers to prayers that God has in store for you!

The Brayn of Chalayn

Beka said...
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Christina said...

Just found your blog!!
Now following!
Looking forward to keeping up!

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