Didn't you just love the 90's?

You know,
back when we were kids, 
back when I was a kid.

Things were easy. 
Stress free. 
The toys were awesome 
and the cartoons were good. 
It was the life. 
Rainbow striped gum!
Seriously. So true.
1. DZ Zone slide! And just DZ Zone in general!
2. A new pack of Pokemon cards.. though I wasn't into that. my brothers certainly were!
3. Book Fair handouts! That was my favorite! I'd circle all the things I wanted. 
 4. Bugle Claws. Heck, I still do that!
5. Street sharks!
6. Gum ball character popsicles from the Ice cream Man! My brothers loved these!
1. My brothers totally had that. 
2. Sticky hands. I mean, those are still awesome. 
3. I had one of those! I can't remember what they are called, do you?
4. The Goof Troop! Loved that movie.
5. Hahahaha. 
6. I LOVED AIM. I'm pretty sure I spent one too many weekends
 until the am's chatting on AIM and let's not forget the chat rooms. 
 1. Zap! 
2. Man those chokers were hot, weren't they. 
3. I so wrote S's that way! And thought I was super cool.
4. Kid Pix! Looooved that!
5. What were these called? I can't remember if I had one or not.
6. Haha. man. Those were awesome. I had a couch. You?
1. See through phones. 
2. Shark bites. Yum. I loved the white ones!
3. On Buzz Feed they mentioned having any Kids Cuisine with the brownie. 
It's true. The brownie was the best.
4. Ring Pops. Do they ever go out of style?
5. Gushers. 
6. Squeezeit's! Are those still around?! They were so convenient.
1. Pop Rocks.
2.Whoops. There's gushers again. :) My bad. 
3. Kix with Berries! Does that exist anymore?
4. Bubble Tape. I remember my brother's would stick the entire thing in their mouths.
5. Cheese spread... what were these called?
6. Yummo. Dunkaroos!
I never have really looked back and appreciated the 90's.
I was always ready to grow up,
to leave behind things of the youth.

But looking back over all the goodness of the 90's.
I miss it. 

I mean how could you not with all the awesome loot?
Slip N' Slides.
Field Day. 
Boy bands.
Lisa Frank.
Matching Lunch kits. 
The list goes on and on. 

What do you miss from the 90's?
All pictures from Buzz Feed. 

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Tyler said...

I don't even know which one of these my favorite.. such good memories! The 90s were the best :)

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