A Little of Life Lately

This is how hot it is lately. 
The other day, during my class party, 
a girl brought truffles, 
and being the sweet wife I am ;) and knowing Zachary LOVEs chocolate, 
I wanted to save him one.
While waiting for him to come to my class, 
his truffle melted in my hand! 

With it being so hot I am so grateful we have all this delicious and refreshing fruit to enjoy this summer!
Any of these small bites, refrigerated, 
are the perfect summer treat. 
 1. In China, you can sleep anywhere. Anywhere. No joke.
2. Check this out?! This is some Chinese medicine trick. Basically you pinch your self or get pinched in a certain spot repeatedly until red marks appear. Our student and his mom both had similiar marks on the front of their necks and told us it was because they were sick.
This picture is of another student with three stars down his back. Crazy, right?!
3. I've been so sick the past week. It seems like I'm always sick lately. I'm just ready for rest, I think!
4. Justin, our student and China baby, chowing down on chicken feet.
 1. A stuffed sea turtle, you know the endangered one, at a grocery store pharmacy. 
2. Fresh sweet potato chips! Delicious. We buy them from the store for $1.50 a bag.
3. A good Chinese host always makes sure the table is completely full when their guests are finish eating. The parents of one of my classes through the teachers a big dinner at a local banquet hall.
4. Included in the dinner was 5 hours of speeches in Chinese and this soup. Something I will NEVER try, though it's quite famous. It's full of red peppers, duck blood, spam, pig large and small intestines. 
1. So thankful for friends that encourage me towards the Lord. 
2. Z and I tried this awesome cafe the other day, Cafe Bachata. We had mango daquiri's in their court yard that had dim lighting, greenery, stones and a small waterfall. It was so relaxing.
3. Z and I at Cafe Bachata. Terrible IPhone pic!
4. It's quite foggy these days! You can't even see past floor 16 on our building. 
What's new in your life lately? 
Love you reader. 
I read the The Brayn of Chalayn blog, and she always says, "reader," and I just really like it. 
I think it's quirky and cute. 
So expect to be called reader a little more often around these parts. :) 


chalayn said...

Haha! :) Sounds good, Reader. ;)

Those dim sum dumplings look SO delicious!

Also, that pinched boys neck makes me shiver. I didn't realize you could do that to a person. Isn't that painful?!

April Robert said...

Hey heather can you please pick me up a bag of sweet potato chips and you can give them to me the next time we see each other? ( I can pay.) I can't find them.

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