Pinteresting, very pinteresting

I just can't say interesting without rubbing my chin, talking in an accent and saying "Interesting, very interesting." So why should it change for pinteresting?

I still call Pinterest, Pin interest. I don't think pinterest has ever come out of my mouth. Just another one of those coy noa, ken wha, Vlog V-Log things, tomato, tamato. You know.

Here's what I don't find pinteresting. 

GFC going down. Well, Reeder. But we all know GFC will get the axe next. 
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It kind of makes me sad. Mostly because it might cause a lot of ma fan.
But I did sort of like the common drama in the blog world. Everyone tweeting about it & blogging about it. {Let's just ignore the fact that I had to tweet asking what the heck everyone was talking about. Clearly I'm not in on the "in" crowd of this little world of ours. ;) } Our own little communities problem, that the rest of the world could care less about. I sort of liked that. Is that weird? It seems like a very Tron thing of me to say. 

Have you guys seen Tron, like the new one, like the one from this decade? We sort of love that movie. 
Probably because we saw it the first time in a 4D movie theater in Korea. It was awesome. It was like we were IN the Tron. Scented air was blowing at us and our chairs were pretty much attacking us. It was great.

So, here's what I find pinteresting as of late.

I have almost 3,800 pins. Is that alot? It seems like alot. I don't even feel like I'm on there that much.
I'm just a pin master, I guess. Pin. pin. pin. You never know when you might need some recipe inspiration or when you'll need to remove a wine stain from your ceiling or build a tube slide from your 3rd floor apartment, or whatever, so it's just safe to pin everything. You know, just in case. ;)

I attempted to make these egg crepes the other night. I couldn't get them as pretty as the picture. 
So, I ended up throwing beef, bell peppers and onions over the top of my broken pieces, and it made for a really great broken omelette. 
I really want to try these with something sweet in the egg and see if its true that they taste like real crepes. I think that cream cheese, apricot jam {or something?} in the picture looks fantastic.

Don't you just love LC? Some of you are probably like, who in the world is that? 
And if you're saying that, my props to you.
It's best to not get sucked in to reality TV.
But if you do know who she is, don't you just love her? 
I do. 
And her skin. It's just gorgggg. 
So, we'll have to see if it's possible to get glowing Lauren Conrad skin with baking soda & water.
Hilarious. Right?
Oh man. Wind breakers. Those were the worst.
I can't stop starting at it. 
It's like the modern young lady, old woman drawing.
It's just... adorable. And clever.
Love it.
Seriously dying laughing & repeating this sentence over and over in different sheep accents.
Irish sheep. British sheep. Chinese sheep. All the sheep.
Love, love, love this times a million.
Though, I'd probably wear some longer shorts. ;)
Yum. Don't these sound delicious! And only 4 ingredients!
  • Vegetable-oil cooking spray
  • 1 pound grated fresh coconut or unsweetened shredded coconut
  • 2 3/4 cups sugar
  • 1 can (14 ounces) sweetened condensed milk
  • 1 can (12 ounces) evaporated milk
I know chalk boards are showing up on everything these days but there's a reason for that, right?
They're hecka fun!
I would love to have this in my back yard!
Except, please someone invent some mass produced liquid chalk, that doesn't make your fingers all dusty or make you come super close to scratching your nail on the chalk board. 

{ughhhhhh. I hate it when that happens! Sometimes that piece of chalk your using to teach kindergartners phonics just becomes too short and before you know it, your middle finger nail scrapes across the chalk board! It takes me at least a whole minute to recover from the cringe that responds through out my whole body.}
That is all.

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Areeba said...

I also spent my whole time pinning and made a post abotu it. You just gained a new follower on pinterest!

April Robert said...

those egg crepes look amazing! thanks for sharing them Heather.

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