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I am fairly new to this whole blogging game but I imagine that no matter how old I get at it, 
I will always click on those posts that contain blogging tips and ways to improve your blog.
That's what we should do, right?
We should always, in all things we do, seek to be better.
And so with each click towards a new blogging idea, tip or criticism, I hope to become a better blogger.
My guess is, that you do to. 
And so,  I give you;

My {baby} Tips for Blogging:
{I say baby because I am not a professional and this little blog here only made it's way to the blog world about 6 months ago. But in those 6 months, I've picked up a few things that have helped me become a little better with each post.}
1. Write. A no brainer, but it needs to be said. The more you write, the more you develop your voice, the more your creativity juices flow! Write.write and write some more. Write your heart out.

2. Treat your blog like a business. One of my favorite bloggers, Erin, wrote that she always treats her blog like a business. I don't know all the details as to what that means to her, though judging by her daily, hilarious and character filled content, I can guess, but to me that means:
                Responding to comments
                Posting regularly
                Following through
                Treating swap sponsors, as if they were, paid sponsors
                Brainstorming ways to promote paid sponsors shops or blogs

3. Take lots of pictures. I find that if I keep my camera on me at all times and take pictures of life as I go, I have tons more to write about and inspiration for writing.

4. Keep a blogging notebook on you at all times. I use my planner, but I make sure to write all the blogging ideas I have down, when I have them, so that I have great ideas for times when the juices aren't really flowing.

Their Tips for Blogging: 
If you want to hear from the professionals,  I know you do, {they have far greater ideas than I} I have asked my favorite, side bar ladies this month, their best blogging advice, as well as,  compiled a list of my favorite blogging posts, from bloggers like you, below. 

Enjoy! And cheers to better blogging!
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- Prepare your posts in advance. For me, that means writing the majority of my posts on the weekend so that I am not overwhelmed during the week.
- Write and write and write until you think you've found your voice. Then, write some more. When you have found your voice, the followers will come.
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-Be Genuine. I really love to make friends in the bloggy world and the only way to develop lasting friendships is be honest about who you are. When you write posts, write sincerely. The blogs I read every day are the ones who share about real things, finding beauty in the tough stuff and struggles. This could look differently for everyone and a sincere post could be about your heart for the lost or the excitement of new life. No matter what it is, write with a true heart. 
-Reach out to other bloggers. If you are like me and you want to make friends, you'll have to connect with them first! My bloggy bestie reached out to me when I first started blogging and I am so grateful. We really are great friends who talk all the time. She has encouraged me through some hard times and is always honest with me. The only difference between her and my other friends is I don't get to see her! So go on and comment on posts you love and encourage others girls in a sincere matter! 
-Decide why you blog and stick to it. I really do believe I have a purpose in blogging and I usually write what I feel the Lord has given me to write. Do the same.. find your purpose in blogging and then set out to do it! 
-Have fun. Enter/host giveaways, write funny posts, and be yourself! My blogging experience has been surreal. I still don't know how I went from writing a post about grocery shopping to winning some giveaways making a fool of myself ;) It has been amazing and totally worth every effort I have put into it!
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   -Keep your blog neat. Busy, messy pages are a blogger turn-off. It sends me running every time!
  - Make sure you aren't a "no-reply blogger". I love responding to comments, but I want to make sure you actually get my response
   - Blog for you and not for popularity!
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 - Give your blog personality....YOURS! Don't be afraid to let      people know who you are.
 - Don't compare your blog to others, you'll go crazy.  Instead let them inspire you to create a blog that people will want to hang out at.
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-Be yourself!  It's your blog after all.  If you're worried about who's reading it and what they like, then your heart won't really be in it.  If you love it, blog about it.  If you don't, forget about it.
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-Write about what your love: Write about what it is important to you, that will come out in your writing. Don't get caught up in linkups if it is content they you don't care about.
-Make a flexible schedule: I have a running list of the posts that I have pending to publish, and those that I need to work on. I just throw them on my Google calendar to remind me of what is happening that day on the blog.
-Have a Journal with You: I am constantly inspired for future blog posts...so I carried 1-2  mini notebooks everywhere I go.  It helps me brainstorm, collect my thoughts and remind me for future posts...
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-Write about what YOU love, not what you think others want you to write. For so long I catered my writing to others and blogging felt like such a chore. Once I started writing about what I was passionate about not only did it show in my writing but I always began enjoying the process more than I ever had before. 

Want even more advice?
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If you know of any great blogging links or have your own posts about blogging on your blog,
send me the URLs! I'd love to add more resources to this list!!

If you want to check out even more blogging resources {I know I can't get enough!} check out my Blogging Board on Pinterest. 

What's your best blogging advice or resource?


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Sybil@PeaceitallTogether said...

Great tips, Heather! And, what a creative way to highlight your sponsors. Still working on figuring out how to treat my blog as a business...that's definitely not my strength.

Helene said...

these are all awesome tips! love it! i can always learn more :)!

SH said...

These are some really great tips!!

Happy Monday!

The Hartungs Blog

Lauren Roerick Miller said...

Thanks Heather! These are really great tips. Blogging is such a fun community to be a part of and I'm so glad that we can work together. These are some awesome resources that I'll definitely be looking at more often.

Thanks again!


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