Mother Blessings

This weekend I had the great pleasure of going to my sweet friend's, Mckenzie, 
mother blessings shower.
What's a mother blessing shower, you may ask??
A time to bless, encourage, pamper and love on, the mother.
The baby momma.
It's SO much fun getting gifts and tons of adorable baby clothes, new toys, and decorations in anticipation for your new baby.
 {I'm sure, though I don't know personally! 
I imagine it's like Christmas!   :) }

But I think many baby momma's 
need encouragement, support, prayer, 
& just a time for all her sisters' to love on her. 
Amber, our host, decorated her house with beautiful flowers & lots of goodies, of course. 
As a blessing we were asked to use our talents to prepare something for Mckenzie.
People prepared readings from their favorite stories, poems, songs, performances, scripture, and
whatever else their hearts desired for Mckenzie.
Rose, reading, I'll Love You Forever.
Many people read their favorite stories, that they read to their own children, and gave the books to Mckenzie.
Singing her favorite lullabies.
After, she gave Mckenzie the words, so she could sing them to her baby.
Laura played the keyboard, and passed out lyrics, so we could all sing along. 
\Bethany, who is great with her hands, made Mckenzie this adorable diaper bag.
Listening to friends sing songs for Mckenzie.
Sometimes it got a little emotional. :) 
Anabel played Mckenzie a song on the violin.
Mckenzie & her mother, Lee.

There were many other special moments.
Other people read cards, scripture and prayed for Mckenzie.
There was even an I Will Survive parody that pretty much rocked all our socks off.
It was such a sweet time to love on 
this soon to be mommy of 3!

On our way out we all took a candle to light on the day of Mckenzie's C-section, to remember her and pray for her during that day. 

Have you ever been apart of a Mother Blessings party?


lost in travels said...

what a great idea! i love the idea of everyone preparing something special and spending extra time in prayer for the mother. how sweet : )

McKenzie said...

This is such an amazing idea. And your friend has probably the coolest name ever :)

Lauren Roerick Miller said...

That's so sweet. Such a wonderful idea for a momma-to-be. I love the candles to remember her on her special day.


Sybil@PeaceitallTogether said...

I have never heard of this. It is wonderful!!

April Robert said...

A baby momma shower looks fun! That was sweet what you guys did for her.

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