This is what I currently look like.
Hot right?

I had my first official surgery yesterday. I mean it was a very small surgery but it still counts!  My nurse told me I could still write it on my surgery list. So, it's legit. And I had my first local anesthesia. Please mom, do not tell me about another time I had that and discredit my first anesthesia claim. ;) 

My poor lip was bit hard, I guess. So hard, it got a cyst. Lame teeth! But I'm oh so thankful for you. I've been sporting an awesome lump on my lower lip that made my lip look plumper.
Kind of like free botox. 
Do you see my little bump in the left hand side of my lower lip?? 
Please don't be confused about what side it's on. 
The very attractive stitches pictures are taken with our computer, which does not flip the shot. 

But finally I showed the doctor and he freaked out that it had been there for two months and immediately sent me to surgery. 
So now I have the very beautiful black stitches you see. First stitches ever. 
It's a year of firsts in 2013. 
First IV's. Wait. Was that in 2013? 
First stitiches. First anesthesia. First surgery. 
Ya, buddy. 
I think that's as far as I'd like to take it 2013. 
Let's venture on firsts for travel and weight loss and all the fun stuff. 
Let's stay away from the hospital firsts, okay? :)

Bah. Like 2013, the year, has any say. Actually, what I meant to say is, Lord, please no more firsts at the hospital. Except if they're cool and non-cancer or heart attack oriented, then I'll take those. I've never actually broken a bone...so that would be a first. Okay. I don't want that either. Let's just stay away from the hospital. Or shi yi li yuan, as we call it here. 

Actually, I have broken a bone. 
I broke my collar bone when I was a baby. Sometimes I can still feel it aching. This is not uncommon. I've talked with a lot of people that have similar experiences with their previous collar bone breaks. 

What else?
Clearly this blog post is going places. 
I'm on a real creative streak here. 

So, I read on the lovely Chelsea's blog that you could froth milk with a french press. 
So, of course, as soon as  I read that I had to try it out myself. 
And what do you know.
 The milk is frothed.
Homemade latte.

Speaking of coffee. My grandparents got us one of these in gold for Christmas. 
A Starbucks Verisimo.
It's fantastic.

Okay. Enough randomness for today. 
Hope you all are having a fantabulous Wednesday! :) 

Any firsts or randoms in your life lately?? 


lost in travels said...

the frothed milk looks great! be prepared for AMAZING coffee!

Setarra said...

It almost looks like you got a tattoo on the inside of your lip! Kinda trendy you know ;) Congrats on making it through your first surgery!

Cat Drago said...

My dad had surgery yesterday too! His scar isn't as attractive though. ;-) glad you're doing well! Miss you!

Tina Byland said...

I want a lip cyst so my lips engorge. Lucky. ;) I can't believe you've made it this long without surgery! That's pretty awesome! You'll be better in no time!


April Robert said...

WOW, surgery. I am glad it was successful. Was is scary getting them in the Chinese hospital?

Mary Bearden said...

Looks yummy! I am a new follower and would love a follow back when you get the chance. Have lots of giveaways to enter also!


shelly said...

You must remember your broken Ankle!! Starting middle school on crutches!! Must have block that memory! They were amazed you were laughing and not crying! And technically Im not discrediting you because you already told them about your collar bone!! But no never anesthesia, surgery or stitches! Although you did have a softball stitch imprint! Hope they gave you antibiotics! !love you and so glad they took your lump out!!

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