That time we went to a broken down dinosaur exhibit

So, once upon a time, I told you about how our school gave us free tickets to a dinosaur exhibit coming to town.
Being a dinosaur an all things free lover, 
of course we had to go. 
And so, Zachary, our sweet friend Kate, and I taxied our way down town and trekked around in search of the spectacular dinosaur exhibit.

We finally found it, lined up to get our free tickets, 
and ended up having to pay 70 yuan for 3 "free" tickets.

Okay. No big deal, we thought.
Because 70 yuan for 3 people is a small price to pay to see some awesome, real and legit dinosaur bones or something.

And so, we trekked on.

And story mode, end. 
I'm not even really sure why I was telling you all that in the form of story, but whatevs.
So we entered the "awesome" dinosaur adventure.
You would think it was awesome the way the Chinese people were crowding inside 
and around each exhibit. 

It wasn't awesome.
This thing would never have made it in the States.
You guys, it was like a broken down, 1950's dinosaur circus or something.
Thankfully all the dinosaurs still moved nicely. That added some fun.
Check out the corner of the Stegosauruses' background.
Ya. A dragon.
Very factual. 
A baby T-Rex. 
What's anything to do with dinosaurs without the king of the Dinosaurs? 

Does seeing dinosaurs make you want to watch Jurassic Park? It so makes me want to.
 You have to take pictures with moving foam dinosaurs.
The things I make him do.
The things I do myself he makes me do. 
Clearly it must have been pretty hot in there. Sweaty face. hot.

Can we just pause right here for a brief moment?

What's the official use rules about the strike out button.
Do I strike out the truth or do I strike out the joke?
Please someone, help me. I'm lookin' like a fool in the blog world.
***Man I probably should have asked this question at the very beginning. Who's gonna even make it this far in this post? ;) *** 

Last but not least, a baby dinosaur hatching from it's giant egg.

I'm really glad I was able to share these incredibly interesting pictures with you.
I know that they really enhanced your day.

I would tell you some really intelligent dinosaur facts that I learned but the walls of information were all in Chinese, so I guess I learned nothing.
Except that dragons existed right around the same time as dinosaurs. :)

Happy Tuesday!
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