Urban Vocabulary Class

So if you read yesterday's post you know how I learned several meanings of hot mess from the extremely factual dictionary, The Urban Dictionary.

While, I was there, I figured I should probably educate myself a little more.
You know to keep up with the kids. To stay young. All that biz.

I figured you'd probably want to, too. Because who doesn't want in on the "in" crowd. 

So, welcome. 
Welcome to Heather's Urban Vocabulary Class.

Dr. Google
A person who is qualified by google's search engine to diagnose symptoms and treat disorders. 
Also, a person who has been educated by google

Web Glow
When someone looks better online than they do in person.

Hollywood Historian
"Someone who accepts movie scripts as historical facts and then uses them in debates/arguments." Also, someone who views movies or Tv Shows as real life. 

combo moron and tourist

I don't have a picture of this because, though, we live overseas, we have NEVER been tourons. 
I can't even relate. ;)

Someone who has a bias against the excessive use (or ownership) of rice

When an elderly person is going to the bathroom.

hulk out
basically to have a freak out
added to the end of other words to take them to the next level

Deja boo
wearing the same costume year after year

So, I asked Zachary, "Do you think this is stupid or funny? And he said, border line stupid. Stupid-funny." And then he told me I should probably tell you all that I know these are cheesy-stupid funny.
So, hey guys,
I know these are cheesy-stupid funny. 

Do you have any Urban words to share? 

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holly via bookandbird.com said...

Too funny! Have to admit I've never heard of any of these, guess I am getting old haha

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