All things Classy

Yesterday, was a good day.
Yesterday, I bought a fedora.
I figured it was time to enter the scene of all things classy & cool. 
{Actually, I figured, "hey! look at that hat for only 30 yuan! Score!"} 

Fedora's are classy & cool in case you didn't know.
If you didn't know this already, you should probably search 
"How to Wear a Fedora" in google.
Not that I did that or anything.
I mean OF COURSE I know that the back brim folds up and the front brim can be up or down.
Who doesn't? 
And OF COURSE you should wear it along your eyebrow line or some biz.
{okay. fine. Yes. Yes,  I did google 'how to wear a fedora.'}

Upon searching 'how to wear a fedora' you will find wikihow
A wealth of information. 

And according to that wealth of knowledge, 
"The fedora represents class, style, and sophistication. Both men and women can enjoy this fashion trend."

Ya. Baby. Class, style and sophistication.
That basically describes me.
Good thing I bought a fedora to show it off.

Are you classiness are you 
rockin' these days?

1 comment :

lost in travels said...

man, i can never pull of a fedora, trust me i've tried! looks great on you!

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