He Washed Feet

Saturn is the least dense planet. 
It could float on water. 
That's pretty insane, huh?
Saturn Earth Comparison2
I'm a little bit obsessed with space.
My Pinterest 'amazing stuff' board is filled with space related pictures right now.
It's just kind of out-of-this-world-crazy to me that we are this tiny speck in the Universe.

Our solar system is orbiting, right now, the center of our galaxy at 67000 km per hour.
That's insane in the membrane, people.
And it takes it around 200 million years to orbit it once.
Planets of the Solar System
We're so small and our time here is like a blade of grass, in comparison.

Tonight (ish), 2013 years ago, Jesus and His disciples sat down for their last supper together.
And Jesus, taking water and a towel, washed their feet. 

And you know what, that's so much more exciting and beautiful than all the stars in our galaxy.
In the midst of all of time & all the planets & all the stars, 1979-ish years ago, 
God became flesh, and dwelt among us. 
And proclaimed, that the Kingdom of Heaven was here.
On Earth.

And He washed our feet. 
The One whom all of this, all these stars, all this vast beauty, was made through,
washed our insignificant feet, calling them, significant.
And then He took bread and He took wine and He broke it & poured it, and told us to remember Him.
To remember how He washed our feet. 
To remember what this bread and wine stand for.
To remember that He died. 
That He redeemed.
That He rescued.
That He put to death sin & death.
That He breathed hope onto the world.
That He raised again.

But tonight is about that supper.
That last meal together.
When he broke that bread and poured that wine. 
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