Workin' on my Fitness

Or not. 
This pictures are mocked. 
I totally put on a worky-outy looking outfit & 
made Z take pictures of me doing a plank and push up, to which I fell down half way through.
Ya. I did that. 
As I've mentioned previously, I've been sick for 2 weeks. 
And haven't worked out. 
At. all.

But let me tell you, as my runny nose is starting to dry up (TMI?) 
& the weather is feeling a little warmer, 
I am felling so, so, so, SO antsy to workout.

And Zachary has totally been making me jealous this week waking up at 6am and doing his workouts.
He's feeling the burn & loving it!
He's doing a mix between Revolt workouts & P90X workouts. 
A comment on how good Zachary looked today by one of our friends, 
made all of those 6 am workouts well worth it, I'm sure!

It also motivated me even more,
to kick up the vitamin C, get well, and get my fitness on.

What about you?
Are you workin' on your fitness?

Do you need some direction? Want access to a super, awesome work out routine & eating plan??
Plus the chance to win $10,000!?
Check out Revolt
You won't be disappointed friends!

1 comment :

Kotryna Bass said...

haha, you look so happy in the pictures! I would be crying if I need to do any push-ups!

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