Cutest Ornaments Ever!

Hey {insert affectionate nickname here}! 
I was super stoked to participate in the ornament swap 
hosted by Jessah at Dreaming of Dimples and Erin over at Living in Yellow

I mean first off, how awesome are Christmas decorations in December?
 Especially for me, in the land of no Christmas decorations. 
And second, do you remember when I mentioned how I think care packages might be my love language?? And how I start acting like a kid at Christmas? 

Ya, well, when I got a box from Heather,
I was super excited, like a kid in a candy shop, and uber eager to open it up and see what she sent me!

Thank you so much Heather! 
She sounds awesome right? I know. I know. It's the name. 
Show her some love over at A Little Hope in My Pocket
{Trust me, you'll love her! She's way more awesome than her name.}
I love this reindeer ornament. It's super cute and so Christmassy. It matched perfectly with the color scheme we have going on on our tree. 
I got super lucky because Heather sent me TWO ornaments! 
I really love this one. 
It's completely my style. I love all the colors and the peacock look.
This ornament is so my style, and matches our house perfectly, so much, that I'm going to leave it up year round, like so. :) 

Thank you Heather so much! 
I love them!

What about you?! Any new ornaments lately? 


Jessah said...

That peacock one is super cute! Love! Thanks for participating in the swap.

Lisa said...

Awww the reindeer is super cute ! gotta love ornament swaps .and loving the peacock one too.

yep today i brought a gold glittery owl and a glittery beaded green bauble....

lOVE this time of year!
hugs xo

Jennifer Sanzo said...

That peacock one is gorgeous! This swap was so fun! I'm having a blast checking out everyone's ornaments!

Helene said...

those are really flippin cute!

Tracy said...

i dont know which one i like more!! found you through the swap linkup, lovely blog!

Victoria said...

those are perfect ornaments!! super cute :)

happy holidays!

cynthia said...

Oh, love the peacock one!
I agree with the other ladies, this was such a fun swap and I'm loving visiting everyone to see their ornaments!:)
Happy holidays!

JM said...

What adorable ornaments -- and they do match your style so well! I am loving my first swap, the giving and receiving, plus finding so many new/different blogs! Merry Christmas to you and yours!

Lindsay said...

I've been loving seeing everyone's ornaments! This was such a fun swap. Both of yours are so cool, I love the coloring on the peacock style one!

Sybil@PeaceitallTogether said...

Love the ornaments! I found you through your guest post at Pointing Up and then realized we participated in the same Ornament Swap. :) It's a big/small blogging world.

Would love for you to check out my space!


Heather said...

Glad you liked them! I LOVED the peacock one... I went back there Tuesday and they were all gone - I should have gotten one for myself at the same time! The reindeer's head got bent while shipping :(, you can try and bend it back - unless you like it sideways. It's still cute :)

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