Snow, Glorious, Snow!

There were little snow flurries today in Qingdao. 

I walked out side, saw it, and literally could not hold back the smile that swept across my face.

There is something so amazingly beautiful & sacred about the snow to me. 
I am dreaming of FuShan, the mountain on our street, snow covered, and rolling around in the snow with Chara and Zachary. And I am eager, and pray I get a chance, to take a picture of a snow covered beach.
I love the snow. 
And please, you Northerners out there, don't rain on my parade. But snowing  on my parade is welcomed. 
Ya. I know that was incredibly lame. It was Zach. He said it. Or Chara. She told me to write it. One of them. 
Not me. Okay. it was me. 
I know.
I know it's sometimes not so majestic. 
Sometimes it locks you in your house for days. 
Sometimes you nearly pass out from shoveling it all morning. 
Sometimes it ruins all the paint on your car.
I know.
But I'm still dreaming of one day moving to one of those Northern States for the winter and taking it all in. The shoveling and all.

I would so buy Zachary a snowmobile. How awesome that some of you have that?! I would definitely buy him one and we would go exploring all day. And probably get stuck in some snow bank, because that's what we do, but we would love it. And it would be a story we tell our children. And we'd feel so warm from laughing so hard. :) The life. 

I'm from Texas so I have never seen "real" snow. I've never stepped, fell and had snow go up to my thighs. I've never been able to really make a legit snowman.
In Korea, two years ago, was the first time I ever really saw a snowflake, with all it's intricate beauty I had heard about, but never seen. Because in Texas snow just turns to mush or slush by the time it hits the ground. 
Snow pictures from Dongying last year.
Snow holds a special place in my heart. It tugs at my heart strings. 
I feel God, think of Him, pray to Him, praise Him and feel closer to Him with even just a few white flakes.
I'm a romantic. What can I say. 
I'm easily wooed. 

Do you love snow as much as I do? 


Carolyn said...

I hope you get your snow this year---and lots of it! There, spoken like a true Texan. I love snow and the night I was born, there were 14 inches on the ground--back in 19---. That's a lot of snow for East Texas!! Wish I could remember it! lol

Love your pictures! I do agree that there is something so special about the snow--like how Jesus washes us whiter than snow when we seek forgiveness. How you can feel His presence all around. And so much more!

Love you so much. Praying for you two and thinking of you always. Grandma Carolyn

Julie Plemons said...

I would love snow this year, however, we live in the deep South so.... I love to see the pictures though!
New follower from the hop. Hope you will hop over and follow back!


Helene said...

I live in Texas so it probably isn't going to happen. love your pictures, sooo pretty!! i love the snow!!

Jess said...

I cannot tell you how jealous I am of the snow! I love snow so much.. I grew up with it and where I live now, it NEVER snows! How cute are those pictures! :)
I also gave you an award on my blog. Would love to hear your answers dear friend! :)

Nicole Franson said...

I love snow so much!

We had our first snowfall on Saturday and it didn't stick :(


Rachel said...

New follower! Found you through the blog hop, can't wait to get to know you :)

Anonymous said...

What part of Texas are you from ? Here in North Texas was my first real snow after living in Southern Calif for 41 years !! We actually had a foot of snow a couple of years ago, now, not much since, lol , But we do get snow in our part of Texas !! Like you , my hubby and I have always dreamed of living up NOrth, but with all our kids and grandkids solidly planted in North Texas, our home is here now !! I hope you get to live where you dream one day, I bet it will be every bit as wonderful as you hope !!

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