Because it's always good to laugh...

Please read click this link right now... CLICK it like it's haawwt.
I promise... it's hilarious. 
I can't stop laughing. 
My favorites:

I know they're bad. But that's what makes them funny! Because it's stuff you'd NEVER say in real life.
One time my phone auto corrected something to my grandma about a penis. haha. 
{Do you remember what it said grandma?}
Have you had any awesome auto corrects experiences? 
Oh ya, and the world didn't end. Hip hip horaay. 
Were any of you slightly worried? 
I'll admit it. 
I had my moments. 
But then I remembered that God is in control, not the Mayan calendar, and then I got over it. 
And then I wrote a song about it. :) My first song to ever write actually.
 Maybe one day I'll magically wake up with the most beautiful voice ever and post it on here. 

Because I have had no camera the past week {so lame. I've had so much to show you guys!!}
I am instead going to post a few random, terrible quality pictures taken on my computer. :)
Because they say you always need a picture to draw the eye.
So eyes, be drawn.
Just a little bit of snow out the window.
This is how excited I get from even the tiniest bit of snow. So excited my jaw goes crooked.
A lady at our school just had a baby, so as tradition goes, she gave everyone at work 2 hard boiled eggs. 
Check out that kid totally photo bombing my picture. 

Hope you guys have an awesome weekend!!!
It's soooo close to Christmas!
And Zachary flies out in less than 24 hours!! 
So happy to have him home! 


Sara Lee said...

I think I just almost died laughing! Thanks for sharing this hilarity with me!

Kelsey Eaton said...

Oh my word!! Hilarious. Thanks for the laugh!

Anonymous said...

I just read those on Facebook and was laughing so hard, my grandson kept saying, Grandma, what is so funny and of course since he is only five, I cannot tell him !! That made it even funnier , lol !! I have had a few funny auto corrects, but nothing as funny as those !!

Brittany TYD said...

I saw that autocorrect page at work they other day and was DYING. So funny!!

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