What's in a name?

One of the fun things about teaching in Asia is the first day,
when you call on each student to tell you their name.   

There are usually tons of ordinary names & the typical Asian English names, like; Bill, Cindy, Cherry or Jack.
 But there are also always fun surprises.
Ones that make you smile every time you say them. 
{Actually, it's funny how quickly yelling Panda or Pizza to sit nicely becomes normal.}

Last year I had a Cosmo, Panda, Skip, Mable and Hunk.
Catherine even had a Muffin.

This year, I have a 
Pizza, Apollon, Snow, Cabin, Happy, Victory Dragon and a Queena

We even had a grown friend named Windmill. 
Rain. There's always lots of Rain's.

How fun would it be to choose your own name as a kid? 

Another plus to this whole choosing your name thing is that you can change it any time you want!
I had a kid this year go from Toby, to Choby, back to Toby. 
And a Jason, who wanted to change his name to Sparky, but settled on Justin. 

I also love  naming the kids that don't have English names yet.
I always try to see what name I can see in them.
And I usually always give them my brother's names.
In every class, I've had a Justin and Jacob.

I also try out names I want our kids to have. { they never seem to go for those, though.}
This year I've named a few boys, in different classes, Wallace
All of them are the cutest, puffy faced boys, too.

I don't know why but it makes me smile every time I say, "Wallace!" like Sherlock Holmes does. 

Growing up, I would have named myself Summer.
But now I would go with something much more cool and mysterious.
Probably a Greek or Hebrew word. :)

If nothing was out of bounds or out of the ordinary, what name would you choose?


chelsea.lynn said...

That is hilarious! I love the names that they come up with!
This is a link to some of the names that I had this year...along with a Chocolate and Strawberry which were added later in the year.

Ruthie Hart said...

this is amazing! I love the name pizza haha!

Catherine said...

Yup... We definitely are similar, I would pick Summer (Justin's nickname for me when we first met).

Loved naming my kids!!

Hahaha.. Remember why Muffin got that name? (Did I ever tell you?) I think the equivalent in Chinese means FART (that's what my co-teacher told me), and he definitely farted a lot! hehehehe...

Oh Muffin, I miss that little butter ball!


Justin Esser said...

Creating Kids names is awesome!!!


Sherlock Holmes yelled, "Watson!!!"

But Wallace was close...

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