I'm nursing a cold on top of a crazy schedule, at work and after work, this week! 
 Sorry for being so quiet on the blog. Missing the blog world, though.
I can't believe the first week of December is almost over! 
Where does time go?
I am longing for time to slow down.
I want to cherish every moment of the Christmas season!

I especially want to start new traditions!

Growing up, we would always have dinner at one grandparents house Christmas Eve. All of our aunts,uncles and cousins would go over to the Canizales' (one set of grandparents) for a big dinner, group photos and presents! 
Christmas morning we would always sleep in, open presents at the house, and head to the next grandparents around lunch time. 
I'm obsessed with pic monkey! It's so fun!

When Z and I got married in 2008, we had to mesh holidays together & split them between families. 
We spent Thanksgiving with one family and Christmas with another. 
It's hard to keep up traditions that way.

This will be the 3rd Christmas we've been overseas
and I'm thinking that it's time we start making our own traditions, as a little family. 

Of course, part of those traditions will be Skyping with family back home so we can still have a little piece in the family dinners and functions we had growing up. 
But we need something that's all our own, too.  

So, my question for you is, 
Chara loves the snow!
This was my first attempt at asking you this question.
I even made a beautiful card to ask you. :)
But, who knew the camera on my Mac is not like a regular camera and doesn't flip the image! 
I think Chara asks much better, though. 
Are there any traditions you've been dying to try but just haven't yet?
Any ideas for us?? :)
We love living overseas because we get to experience so many different kinds of cultures and traditions.
We always joke that we are going to take the best of each country and raise our kids on what we've learned from each. And celebrate our favorite holidays and meals from each, too. 

What ever your traditions may be, I hope that you enjoy them fully this holiday season! 
Hopefully we'll have some pretty awesome ones too, that I'll share with you along the way!


Helene said...

Love Holiday Traditions!! this is my second christmas as a married girl but we have been dating for 8 crazy years. My favorite tradition is getting apple cider and going to look at christmas lights.

Kaylyn said...

I'm not even joking when I say that I was about to comment on your cute glasses and then I found out it was clip art! Haha! But anywhoo, cute post my love. XOXO newest follower

Danielle said...

We live really close to both our families, but we make sure to leave all the parties/dinners at a decent time on Christmas Eve so that we can be together for our own traditions....every Christmas Eve, after we get home we put on our pajamas, make apple cider for me and hot chocolate for him, curl up on the couch and watch Its a Wonderful Life. I love that little bit of quiet time we have just us, before the craziness the next day.

WhatJeanLikes said...

How awesome to be in China!! The cultures and traditions there must be so different but like you said, it's great to try new things.

I hope you have a wonderful holiday season!! Found your blog via the giveaway on Jessica Who! I'm your newest follower.

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