Chinese BBQ

One of our favorite meals in Dongying was Chinese BBQ!
It's no secret to anyone that we love meat! And so probably no surprise that we love Chinese BBQ,too!

It's very different from Korean BBQ, which we also loved. If you don't remember what that was like, you can refresh your memory here (scroll all the way down to the bottom. Not sure why we never did a post on that.)

In China, all the BBQ is done on a long iron grill and all the meat is placed on sticks over the grill, like this;

You can order all types of meat and veggies, which are all sprinkled with a delicious cumin-filled seasoning. At most places they give you your own mini-grill for the table to keep the meat warm.
Happy at BBQ.

 Most BBQ places are outside, where everyone sits on small chairs around little tables. 
 We love this mixture of an appetizer! Edamame, peanuts and our favorite, clams!
Zhu rou. Or pork.
     This was the closest thing we found to a tortilla in Dongying. It went pretty great with all the grilled veggies and meat!
We are a little too obsessed with clams!! Good thing they are so vitamin and mineral packed! Clams are packed full with chromium, which helps regulate blood cholesterol and glucose. Clams also have a good amount of Iron and B Vitamins, not to mention Vitamins A and C.
Best part, they're delicious!
We eat clams at least once a week at home.

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Carolyn said...

Looks good! Grandpa will love it that you had boiled peanuts. I like them, he doesn't seem to have the taste for them. It may be an East Texas thing!! Thanks for sharing the pictures and narrative. Love your blogs!

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