A Miracle in the Midst of Tragedy

Whenever something terrible happens, I am always longing to hear the stories that rise out of the ashes. The small beautiful stories, that aren't often reported on in major newspapers or magazines.

The beauty from ashes. 

In such tragedy, I search for and hunger for a story that brings hope, that reminds me that God is good and alive. 

I was so thankful to read this story from Aurora. 

This miracle, for this sweet girl and family, doesn't change what happened. It doesn't make it less painful for the other victims or their families. It doesn't erase all the pain and terror they feel. Or the, "Why God?" questions. 

But it is a story that reminds me to hope and believe that something greater and better than all the terrible, tragedy we see on Earth, is at work

And if you move to quickly or read the headlines too often, you will miss it. 
But if you slow down, and look for it, in the midst of even tragedy, there are these small and beautiful stories that are just miraculous and reminders that there is good

There are good things at work. There are amazing things happening all around us. 
And God is still good. 

I am so sorry for all those families in Aurora. I am so sorry for all that they are suffering. I can't even begin to imagine all that they feel. All I can do is pray. And pray that God is near to them. And that more miracles would take place in hearts and bodies and families and homes. And pray that there would be light in the midst of darkness.

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Carolyn said...

Well said, Heather. Such a sad and senseless act that has changed lives and families forever. But, as you say, we look for the good, and there is always good. Because, God is good and He is love. While we do not understand the "BIG" picture of what He is up to, we do know that He will always bring good from evil acts if we trust Him to do so. I join you in praying for these families--that they will be comforted as only the Gentle Shepherd can do.

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